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Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #75, #76, #77, #78, #79, #80, #81 and #82

guy in chair 001

“Rosiecat scorns dogs in slickers!”


“Meet Mattie. She’s the coolest condo size rottie! She’s three and half and full grown at 65 lbs. Mattie is sweet, gentle, and all-around lovable. When she gets excited, she wiggles so much that sometimes she almost falls down. Its adorable! Why do rotties get such a bad rap??”

Don't fuck with us

“We told these two that people wanted an Arby’s in Columbia Heights and this was their reaction. Amusement or horror? You decide. These two brothers are 3 year-old tabbies adopted from the Washington Humane Society on Georgia Avenue.”

Ed. Note:  Submissions have been closed.  No more entries will be accepted at this point. Sorry for the confusion yesterday – all pets received before the deadline will be posted, of course. No NEW submissions will be accepted.

The cats are not competing against the dogs.  There will be 5 dog, cat and “other” finalists that will each compete in their own category.  We’ll have a poll in each category to select the winner.  Using the comments section for these posts will help me select the 5 finalists for each category. You can see all the entries here. Please see after the jump for more entries.


“Peebles is a 12 week pug we rescued from a shelter in Tennessee. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing our socks, chewing on her toy elephant (she’s a liberal, obviously) and trying to charm all the boys in CH. Watch out gentleman, she’s a heart-breaker!”


“Ren. A fine blue specimen of the rare and elusive Sphynx hairless cat breed. She has many wonderful traits, including shooting a snot rocket clear across the room, very peculiar digestive tract functioning, and excellent mousing skills. Also, she has a little belly button. And no whiskers.”

Stephanie 122

“This is Bandit. He was the coolest pup in PoPville, but unfortunately he was hit by a car in March. And despite doing all we could to save him, the extent of his injuries was too severe.

The photo is of him in the backseat of my car trying to be a “people”. Unusual behavior for a dog, but still adorable. We miss you Bandit!”

2009 126(2)


Door of the day: the one that goes to my owner’s bedroom (aka the breakfast blocker)

Weekend picks: sleeping, increasing belly size, hunting practice with my
toy fish

Horses Ass Award: my owners. What’s up with feeding me only twice daily???
What is this, a gulag???

Good deal or no? Me: Posted for free in an ad at GWU, but priceless. Hipchick in DC would totally endorse me.

What in the Helen of Troy is this? My stub tail and displaced vertebrae. How the hell did that happen??

Miiiistertrekker: coming soon. First installment will feature a tour of
my kitchen. It will be a partnership with Intangible Cats.

Friday question of the day: how handsome am I? A- ridiculously handsome. B-
devastatingly handsome c- all of the above

Ridiculously awesome album cover of the week: Sgt. Miiiister’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Coming and going:
Coming: Miiiister, as the coolest pet in PoPville
Going: Celia, Izzy, service dogs…your days of glory are over!!!

If I win the contest, rumor has it that crime will cease in Columbia Heights (thereby ending all crime threads on POP), the bars on 11th street will finish construction 2 months early, and I will decide all property values based on character of the house.”


“Meet Kayla. She’s a miniature goldendoodle. She’s only 12 weeks old and is a recent addition to our family. She’s a little terror sometimes and has countless puppy bursts of energy. As you can see in the picture, she has the softest fur and loves playing with her toys. We love her oversized ears.”

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