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  • Why is this funny? I thought a joke about Arlington had to include at least one reference to starbucks to be funny.

  • I’m confused by the fountain area. What “equals equals equals equals equals” what?

  • Funny how they only have to have a polite sign, whereas at the new condos at 14th & V [Union Row] have to have a sign in their fountain saying “water is chemically treated” to keep bums from bathing in it.

  • I still think that we DC citizens should band together with our new gun rights and forcibly annex Arlington County to DC (like Russia tried to do with Georgia) so that we can get their tax revenue instead of it going to Richmond.

  • this should be a caption contest

  • I have lived in Arlington for years and would not mind if it got annexed to DC. Then we could have bars that stay open an extra hour!

  • Annexation? That would mean lower taxes and better services. We better put a stop to that idea ASAP.

  • Are you people delusional? Arlington would destroy the bridges, flood the tunnels and set fire to the Potomac before they let themselves be annexed by us. They have a functional gov’t, excellent county services and facilities, why would they give that up?

  • That’s why it’s gotta be done by force.

    And finally, DC residents would be doing something that Republicans in Congress would HAVE to support, because it touts the 2nd Amendment, along with “what the founding fathers originally intended” for Arlington to be part of the District.

  • This would probably turn VA back into a red state….

  • You do know that Arlington actually used to be part of DC? It was retroceded in 1846 by an act of Congress, basically because they were pissed off at not getting all the improvements that DC was enjoying. Poor Arlington! And, I believe, some slavery issues.

  • Why would Arlington wont to join DC? They have nice services, low crime, and an actual middle class.

  • Flip flops per capita would go up in the district for sure

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