Coming and Going – Cleveland Park Edition

Back in April I wrote about my continued love of Cleveland Park despite their retail woes. In March we learned it was going to get some of its groove back. But we were really ahead of the curve when we first discussed their retails woes last August.

Well, there are still some ups and downs in Cleveland Park. The 7-11 at Connecticut Ave and Porter has closed. But don’t lose all hope, a Walgreen’s is coming next door…


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  • When Yangjing Palace left I was not happy to learn that Walgreen’s taking its place. But I guess, two blocks may be too far for some people to walk to CVS. Probably the same people who take the elevator one floor down.

  • Bummer, that Chinese place was pretty cool looking

  • Just not viable I guess behind that huge dang cool looking sign.

  • in the mid-1990s, a friend would co-host after hours parties at the Yenching Palace and it used to be quite the below the radar, hip place to go. hard to believe that this is where the US met with the USSR (that’s the former Soviet Union for you youngsters) to talk Cuban missiles and where Kissinger broke bread with the Chinese in the Nixon era.

    I hope Walgreen’s sees fit to put a plaque up in a visible exterior location describing this building’s place in US foreign relations history.

  • Tell us more, pqresident.

    Elaborate to give your great idea for a deserving tribute to this address more exposure.

  • The story is pretty well known in cold war/intelligence buff circles and to those of us who grew up here:

    Plus they used to serve these absurd giant flaming tropical cocktails.

  • The Yenching Palace was owned by the family of Long Yun:

    But they spelled it Lung in the USA.

    The matriarch moved to the USA but her two sisters were romantically linked to both Mao and Chang Kai-shek.

    All the old journalists I meet from the Watergate era talk about it.

  • Will someone please think of the rich people?!?!????

  • for more background, have a look at this WaPo article…

    there’s abundant source material for an outdoor plaque or at the least a framed display on the inside with photos.

  • The Lung family still owns the huge property.

    A diner within a pharmacy is nothing new.

    It would be cool to design and incorporate a small diner in a corner within the pharmacy with some of those old cushy booths.

    It’s still their property. If only the family as landlords could find an operator for the diner like one of their employees or anyone else out there.

  • Thanks again for posting who are your sponsors. It helps us understand your blog so much more.

  • That Walgreen’s is still a long, long way off.

  • I’m almost positive that the Walgreens has also bought/leased the 7-11 space next door. Otherwise, this will be the smallest Walgreens that I’ve ever seen. In any case, 90% of that 7-11’s business was selling candy to Uptown Theater patrons, and I’m sure that Walgreens will fill the role perfectly well.

  • great poem, written by campbell mcgrath, who live in dc and frequented the CT and Porter 7-11 all the time. 7-11 in poem is the CT and porter 7-11

    Capitalist Poem #5

    I was at the 7-11.
    I ate a burrito.
    I drank a Slurpee.
    I was tired.
    It was late, after work — washing dishes.
    The burrito was good.
    I had another.

    I did it every day for a week.
    I did it every day for a month.

    To cook a burrito you tear off the plastic wrapper.
    You push button #3 on the microwave.
    Burritos are large, small, or medium.
    Red or green chili peppers.
    Beef or bean or both.
    There are 7-11’s all across the nation.

    On the way out I bought a quart of beer for $1.39.
    I was aware of social injustice

    in only the vaguest possible way

  • This posting is very disappointing for the very fact Pop comes off as being an alarmist.
    Pop, you are inventing or spreading false or exaggerated rumors of impending doom and gloom in CP. It is completely the opposite.

    Cleveland Park, has so many things to offer. Near the National Zoo and has a movie threater, metro station and is an historic, busy, and vibrant neighborhood.

    Yes, it has seen several retail stores close their doors recently, but that is just a part of doing business in the neighborhood. Pop, as you know and write about…business close and open each week in the City.

  • I think it’s pretty clear there’s a bit of a trend here. The relevant question for investigation is the extent to which the ANC and neighborhood associations are restricting business activity. The whole Comet Ping Pong sidewalk hazard of death thing comes to mind, though that is a bit north of CT/Porter and perhaps under different jurisdiction. The whole “don’t make a commercial strip four blocks away from my house into another Adams Morgan!!!!11” mentality has to be at fault as much as “The Economy.”

  • That McGrath poem is great. I remember when almost all the 7-11’s used to sell beer too – sure did make [highschool] life easy.

    And NAB is right. It’s quite obvious the trends of neighborhoods with many closed/vacant storefronts are either really impoverished [Ga Ave.] or have horribly intrusive & business unfriendly ANC’s/neighborhood associations [Mt Pleasant and Cleveland Park]. Mt. P seems to be slowly on the mend, but Cleveland Park is still full of older nimby/anti-anything loonies.

  • I talked to people in the know and basically all the anti-business folks decided to give up in Mt Pleasant after someone moved out of the neighborhood and then there were too many empty storefronts where potential business owners mentioned these groups by name. As of right now- 2009, to the best of my knowledge, all anti-business initiatives have stopped in Mt Pleasant.

    But Jack, give it a rest, I go to Cleveland Park just about every day. The stores are closing rapidly and it’s a definite trend.

    I can’t quote this exactly, but the owners of the McDonalds space wanted $20k PER MONTH for that space. uhhhh… in what economy?

  • Cleveland Park is noticeably on the downswing, regardless of what Jack says.

  • Cleveland Park died the day the bagle shop closed.

  • When I lived in Mt. Pleasant a few years back, Cleveland Park was totally happening. Since Mt. Pleasant street sucks (then and now), and Columbia Heights shopping was an oxymoron, I spent a lot of time in CP.

    Went there yesterday afternoon to go to Vace, which is thankfully still in business. That place felt like a ghost town. No line at Vace? Well, that was nice, if disconcerting. Forgot to get a box of pasta there and stopped in at Brookville. Tumbleweeds there too. I mean hell there were PARKING SPOTS in the access road!

    Sorry – but it is a LOT different there than it was four or five years ago. A nail salon instead of Whatsa Bagel? Ouch. And seriously, a commenter above mentions “the mcDonald’s space.” SINCE WHEN DO MCDONALD’S GO OUT OF BUSINESS???

    This is dire times over there. I feel for you Mt. Pleasanters, but at least you have Columbia Heights now for your non-pupusa needs.

  • Not only McDonald’s, but Magruder’s, Cold Stoned Creamery, Pizzeria Uno, and Starbucks, of all chains, have left Cleveland Park over the last 5-6 years! Clearly something is amiss.

  • We’ll always have Nam-Viet. Won’t we?

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