What the Helen of Troy is This?

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This is just outside the Capitol Building. It has no windows all the way around. I’m guessing it was used to store something at some point. Any guesses?

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  • It is the base of a lawn ball that shattered years ago during the War of 1812.

  • Alas nothing so exciting.

    They are air shafts designed to cool the Senate and House chambers via a system of underground tunnels. The House air shaft was constructed first, in 1882 (around the time that the summer house and the north terraces were being constructed). The Senate air shaft wasn’t completed until 1890, after Frederick Law Olmstead had retired his superintendency.

  • Fools, this is the location of the hiding place of the skeleton key to the secret door of the secret room of library of congress which holds the map with the location of the amulet which, when placed on a 6foot 4 inch staff on top of the washington monument at
    12:34 and 56 seconds on 07/08/09 (thats TODAY!!!)
    will shine a light beam on the exact location where the gold of coronado is buried!!!!

    QUICK .. someone get a buldozer.. we have less than 4 hous!!!

  • duh! . . . it’s the grotto

  • anon 1:21 am,
    actually, thats pretty fascinating

  • That’s where DC gets its enemas!

  • Earlier this spring, while working with visiting high school students from around the country, my fellow instructors and I would tell the students it was a giant chess piece and that they could find them all over the city. The funniest day was when we tried to convince a group of them that if we all pushed really hard, we could make the next move… 🙂

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