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  • by great you mean sucks?

  • Really, I can’t help but agree. That photo is not good at all, and I think the whole blurry aspect is due to low light levels and not any artistic talent.

    C’mon, you can find a better photo than that.

  • Gotta agree with what the others said. The colors are all very nice and obviously it evokes the low-light, slow shutter-speed, large-aperture technique, but some part of the frame should still be in focus.

  • Please remove this photo, it does not meet POPs standards.

  • Got some rebel rousers here,
    admittedly not my best, More of a First person Point of View shot.
    Anonymous, Nick, Anonymous, and Big Youth, i am excited to see your shots in the POP pool!..?

  • I believe T.n had participated in a bar crawl along 18th street and snapped this after body shot #14.

  • It’s not that the photo’s blurry.

    That’s just how Adams Morgan looks to most people at night.

  • HAha, you two.

  • What’s with the hate? I like this one. It seems…familiar, somehow.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I love this picture because it is blurry!

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