Ojo Latino


OjO Latino is a series by Néstor Sánchez Cordero. This week features the Fourth of July festivities from Capitol Hill. Néstor says, “Images are around, the secret is to catch them at the right moment and with the right light…”


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  • saf

    And again, great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  • Nice pics, but don’t you think these kind of encourage the use of illegal fireworks in DC? I was concerned for my safety (and my home) walking home after the mall fireworks on Saturday night. They were lighting off major mortars in the middle of the street. One spark is all it takes to start a serious fire. We all live way too close to each other to be doing these types of amateur fireworks displays in our neighborhood. Not to mention the fact that my dogs just about had heart attacks from the noise all night. Just a thought…

  • I agree about the fireworks. I think a reasonable display of legal fireworks is fine, but after 10pm and including firecrackers and other illegal fireworks like mortars should be punishable by a fine. I don’t care if it’s ending a process that used to be accepted, people have to accept that the tolerance toward crime is over.

  • move to maryland whiners…

  • OK, point taken, sorry about the illegality. I kind of thought this was some sort of Americana tradition. It reminded me of home….

  • saf

    It IS an Americana tradition, and the fountains shown above are legal in the District. (The ones that fly are not.)

  • No problem with the fountains… the flying ones freak me out a bit. Nestor – Keep up the great photography work. I like your stuff and hope to see more of it here on POP and other sites.

  • Nestor, ignore the whiners and keep up the good work!

  • why does this series always say Ojo Latino in the title, but OjO Latino under the first picture?

    in other words, is it Ojo or OjO?

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