In Lieu of a Photo Archives Caption Contest – This Week Cartoon Caption Contest with a Special Prize

24hournorthwest(2), originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The following cartoon was drawn by Charles and was inspired by the famous Checkpoint Charlie in the former East Germany. And for the prize – on Saturday, September 5:

“The First Annual Old Ebbitt Grill Block Party will feature mouth-watering, socializing fare including burgers, lump crab cake sandwiches, beef brisket, shrimp cocktails, brats and more along with thirst-quenching beverages such as beer, wine and frozen cocktails. Sponsors include Miller Lite, Blue Moon, American Wines, Stoli Russian Vodka, Milagro Tequila and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, and visitors will want to try the White Lemonade, Blue Margarita or Strawberry Daiquiri.

Tickets, which are $65 thru August 1st, $75 thru September 4th and $85 if available the day of the event, can be purchased online here.. Each ticket includes admission and five food and five beverage tickets for a total of 10 tickets with value of over $50. Each menu and beverage item is valued at one food ticket, with the exception of side dishes; guests will have a choice of two side dishes for one food ticket. Additional food and beverage tickets will be available for purchase during the event at $5 for each ticket.

The Old Ebbitt Grill Block Party will take place rain or shine on G Street NW between 14th and 15th Streets on September 5. To purchase tickets, or for more information, please visit here.”

I am happy to say that Old Ebbit is offering up two free tickets to the winner of this week’s caption contest. Winner will be announced Friday. Your captions in the comments section. 

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  • “The RedFin listing says ‘Capitol Hill’s most exclusive gated community,'” to which she responded, “I don’t know. It looks pretty sketchy to me.”

  • that cartoon just perpetuates the stereotype that newcomers to the city have indoctrinated into them by suburbanites when they first move to the city (“don’t go east of 16th street!” was the battle cry from the moco and nova set when i first got here).

    there are parts of the SE and NE quadrants of the city far nicer and safer than areas in the NW quadrant. i’m sure you all know that, but it needed to be pointed out. the whole “NW über alles” theme of the cartoon is faulty at best, wrongheaded at worst. sure it’s a cartoon, but it’s not funny if it starts from a misguided meme…

  • “DuPont Circle, you say? Oh yes, it’s right behind the row houses over there. I’d show you but my plantar fasciitis is acting up again…must be these darn flip-flops…Now, can you please sign the contract?

  • “According to my mystic scroll, you’re going to be shot in 4 seconds.”

  • I told you we should have gone to the community meetings instead of just whining on a blog.

  • A: They say that way lies a strange land. Like nothing you’ve seen before.
    B: Oh? What’s there? Dragons? Bears?
    A: Some say. Others tell of three bedroom homes for under 500K.
    B: Ooh! And unicorns? Tell me there’re unicorns!

  • “I told you that if this cartoon was posted on PoP somebody would have a stick up their ass in less than 30 minutes!”

  • “It’s a magical world, ol’ buddy… Let’s go exploring!”

  • To IMGoph, I would say, YOU TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT. That West/East fixation of newcomers is exactly what this is mocking. I love it.

  • “Christ, what an asshole.”

  • Priceline stated the Days Inn on New York Avenue was just a “short walk to the Capital” but failed to mention the checkpoints.

  • Do you think we need our passport to get over there?

  • I hope there is McDonald’s there.

  • I like that there’s trash and what appears to be a baby stashed in the base of the street lamp. Probably the most accurate feature of this cartoon.

  • FH, it’s Capitol not Capital. If you’re on NY Ave you’re already in the Capital.

  • No, you must be reading the map wrong… the Amazing Race contract and waiver didn’t say anything about THIS.

  • Let’s do this “urban safari” thing!

  • Excuse me, can you tell me if the White House is this way?

  • Wait, you’re telling me this is to keep pretentious people OUT? I bet there’s not a Front Page anyway.

  • “Tear down this wall!”

  • Ich bin ein NEner!

  • “No, there’s no way the Real World kids are on that side. Let’s check Adam’s Mill. I heard Paul Rudd went there.”

  • PoP,

    Do I get bonus points if I catch an error in the Russian translation?

  • So let me get this right, you want to leave NW? Funny, you dont look like a hipster.

  • @Thor: Thank you, my brain is not working today. “Priceline stated the Days Inn on New York Avenue was just a “short walk to the Capitol” but failed to mention the checkpoints.”

  • When Bob and Lisa bought their tickets for their honeymoon in Trinidad, they didn’t expect to be dropped off here.

  • Brian broke the news to Jill that this would sadly spell the end of their cross-quadrant love affair.

  • Hipster #1: “Okay, we’re going in. You brought your Northeast camouflage in that awesome Timbuk2 bag, right.”

    Hipster #2: “Yup…got a North Face jacket, white wifebeater, a pair of droopy jeans to show off my butt cheeks, and some Timberlands. Now put away the Lonely Planet map and lets go!”

  • “Wait, Bloomingdale? I thought you were taking me to Bloomingdale’s.”

  • What that? Oh it’s the new Line of Gentrification Demarcation. It’s a joint venture between the DCPD and the DC Real Estate Agents Association.

  • “Boy, honey, the Spy Museum sure is taking it up a notch, huh?”


    Real World DC producers really mean business.

  • Bryce and Mindy were a little skeptical when venturing out to join their new Meetup Group “Brown flip flops”.

  • Boy: We have a man of mixed race in the White House. I figure it’s time for Reunification!

    Girl:….but isn’t the White House in NorthWest?

    Boy: *Sigh*

  • “Following loss at DC Superior Court, Metro PD implements ‘Plan B’ for its neighborhood checkpoints.”

  • “Following loss at US Court of Appeals, Metro PD implements ‘Plan B’ for its neighborhood checkpoints.”

  • Wait. You did something to your hair! That’s it, right?

  • Where’s the error in the Russian? I was so happy to be able to read the Russian, really slow, but I read it. This cartoon is really so DC.

  • Hey babe, wanna come over and ride in my Trabi?

  • “Yah, and they don’t have fair and diplomatic elections here either!”

  • KR & Redhead and Coop – tie for first!

  • Redhead FTW!!

  • KR & Redhead and Coop all awful.

  • Redhead first, KR second, Stephanie third!

  • Girl: Bad neighborhood! You don’t want to be walking along North Capitol to Eastern Carryout at night. I’ve been bike messengers here for 20 years and I’m telling you: You don’t walk around here at night!

    Boy: I’m not down around here myself, but I wanted to catch that show. That stuff is like gold around here, you know.

  • Although we shall not be present at the historic summit meeting, we should present this “Guide of Hope” that our great City may learn to live in peace…

  • I like Anonymous at 10:21 with the Front Page reference. Nice.

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