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DSCN1098, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There were even more of these flowers than I could get into the picture. What are these flowers called – black eyed susies?

It is located at the corner of 16th and Florida, NW.

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  • They’re Black Eyed Susans, or at least that’s what my mom calls them. I’ve never seen so many at once- it’s gorgeous!

  • Black-eyed Susans, the state flower of Maryland! (and what they put a blanket of on the horse that wins the Preakness)

  • Rudbeckia is the Latin name, “Goldsturm” is the variety. They grow very well here and can fill in empty spaces very quickly. If you want all-summer color with a plant that can handle DC weather, this is definitely one of them.

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