Friday Question of the Day – What’s Your Favorite Summer Drink?

Bushmills, originally uploaded by Harri_1970.

So my attorney told me a while back about mixing Bushmills and Iced tea for the perfect summer drink. I finally did the mix. Holy cow, it’s delicious. Dangerously delicious. But in a very happy mellow state it got me thinking about the FQoTD. Since it’s summer it’s nice to have some lighthearted ones and I’d love to discover some new gems. I’ve also recently become acquainted with and enjoyed a gin fizz and believe it or not a mint julep. Bourbon on 18th Street makes a mean one. Or am I overthinking this and in reality nothing beats a nice cold beer?

So for a lazy July FQoTD – what’s your favorite summer drink?

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  • #1. Belvedere on the rocks
    #2. A Zombie Punch @ Tallula/Eat Bar
    #3. A 007 … orange vodka, 7-up & orange juice… and b/c it contains OJ, i’m pretty sure you can
    have it in the am!!

    Happy drinking 🙂

  • I’m pretty boring – usually go for mojito or pinot grigio in the summer depending on my mood. Had my first mint julep July 4 and that was pretty tasty too.

  • Sweet tea vodka and fresh squeezed lemonade.

  • A classic Cape Codder is always delicious!

  • 1. Hopocalypse, an excellent local beer.

    2. Pomegranate Margaritas from .

    3. Homemade Ginger Ale at Vegetate.

  • 1. Pimm’s Cup. The Napolean house has the best recipe (none of this ginger ale nonsense).
    2. Michelada. I prefer the Salvadorean version.
    3. Bull shot, for when I want to get good and stinko.

  • Giant brand iced tea mix

  • Glass of Rose from southern France, or a Bellini.

  • The Intangible Arts Worldwide Conspiracy and Cynical Militia, Inc. does not understand the whole mixed-drink thing: seems like too much time and effort to pollute liquor with so much filler stuff. We say, pick a decent active ingredient and enjoy it the way the Gods intended.

    Thus, a healthy dose of Chinaco reposado. Room temperature. No lime, no mixer, no ice, just a glass and a comfy chair on a covered porch. Clothing optional. Done.

  • Bell’s Oberon Ale! Delish 🙂 Sam Adams Summer is always a good fall back option

  • Gotta go with Jameson on the rocks and a couple splashes of Goya Ginger Beer.

  • Hopocalypse, From Clay Pipe Brewing. The Best (and closest) local beer in the city, for sure, and a rising contender on the East Coast

  • Arnold Palmer has his, I’ll have mine – sweet tea vodka, lemonade, & a splash of water

  • 1. Really cold glass of water with ice and a bit of lemon
    2. Pimm’s Cup

  • Beer!!!!
    Also – a recent discovery: coconut water and rum. It rehydrates as it dehydrates.

    Anonymous 8:14 – where can I get this Hopocalypse? It on tap anywhere?

  • Regarding sweet tea vodka, does anyone know if Firefly is available around here? The Jeremiah Weed stuff works in a pinch, but Firefly is a bit higher quality.

  • Maker’s Mark and Blenheim’s spicy ginger ale with lemon.

  • OT – not sure what ‘around here’ is limited too, but VA ABC’s have it, and every store I’ve been to in Annapolis has it. In town, not sure…

  • Homemade sweet ginger tea with knob creek.

    Or, simply and perfectly, ice-cold Budweiser.

  • I like the Strawberry Basil Cooler at Tonic. …. yummy.

  • A cool glass of the girl’s mint sweet tea with a healthy dose of bourbon & lemon.

  • New Orleans Buck:
    orange juice
    ginger ale

  • Bushmills? That’s protestant whiskey!

    I like a wheat beer. Mostly American, but a tangy Belgian is nice, too.

    Regarding Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, they have it at that liquor store across 14th from the Tivoli theater in CH. The name escapes me…

  • Beer or Gin and tonic. John Daly is a close third.

    You can get Firefly at Cleveland Park Liquors and Calvert Woodley. Those are “around here.”

  • mint juleps – my recipe

  • Dark ‘n’ Stormy –delicious!

    Why is happy hour so many hours away…

  • Amaro on ice with a twist of orange. ahhhhhhh

  • happy hour is as close as the flask hidden in your office desk drawer

  • firefly is available at the liquor store on hawaii (strip mall with 7-11, hunan delight, and dominoes). love that stuff, almost too much :/

    another delicious drink, cucumber mojito…refill the glass with water when your drink is done and enjoy a delicious rehydration on top of your buzz!

  • Abita Purple Haze or
    The Famed Gin Bucket: 1 large bucket, 1 handle of gin, 1-2 liter of Mountain Dew, 1-2 liter of Sprite, 12 lemons & 12 limes… If I was still in college, I would say they only way to consume this is taking shots with a turkey baster but I have now realized it is definitely better over ice, and less intoxicating.

  • Brew Dude beat me to the Jimmy McNulty joke.

    Back in the day liquor stores used to carry a mixed drink called “Brass Monkey”. When chilled, the drink had the double effect of being quite delicious and getting you hammered.
    Whoever made Brass Monkey has since ceased since 2002-ish, but it’s very easy to mimic. Perfect for a warm afternoon tossing some horse shoes or playing lawn darts

  • Grape Soda! Preferably a cheap brand, like Rock Creek. Reminds me of summer as a child. Sometimes my mother and I would make grape soda popsicles using her Tupperware popsicle-mold. Good stuff!

  • Bell’s Oberon is a GREAT summer beer! So refreshing. Otherwise I just go for a cool glass – okay, fine, a bottle – of white wine. I’m boring!

  • I’m with Bloomingdale – a nice Cotes de Provence can’t be beat.

  • I’ve recently become obsessed with Pimm’s Cups. It has to be the ultimate summer drink! Refreshing and cool while still allowing you to get your buzz on.

    Pretty much any drink with cucumber in it does it for me. The Miner’s Club Cocktail at Central is near perfect.

    I also will never turn down a mojito in the summer.

  • My top 3:
    Pimm’s Cup
    Sangria (Mi Rancho in downtown SS MD)

  • Mojito’s, Gin and tonic or a huge glass of ice cold water (nature’s soft drink)

  • correction: should just be mojito

  • Whelp, this just ruined my Friday productivity. Thanks a lot.

    The mint juleps at Eatonville are quite nice.

    I stand by Molson Golden in most warm weather situations – particularly the barbque. Nothing is quite as beautiful as opening a cooler filled with it and ice.

    I’ve drank a lot of the following concoction lately: Four parts juice (a mixture of passionfruit, guava, tangerine is good – try to avoid the super sweet stuff), one part rum (or more). Take one part of the juice and boil it and a cup of fresh basil for about five minutes. Strain out the basil and then mix all the liquids together. Pour into highball filed with ice cubes, garnish with a sprig/branch of basil. I’ve dubbed it the Basil Imposition and it is delicious.

  • In my last visit to Munich, I was introduced to the radler. Pour a beer (prefereably a good German pilsner) into a glass, half-full, and then top it off with your favorite lemon-lime soda such as Sprite or 7 Up.

  • I am also partial to Bells Oberon. Summer in a glass, a mason bell jar glass if possible (for any of you who know Dominicks at UMich). Has anyone plunked down for the mini-keg? I’m tempted but can I really drink 5 liters of beer?

    As for drinks, I’ve been on a Campari and soda with a splash of OJ and lime. Let the bitterness rain down.

  • @ dcdude – That is called a shandy. Popular also in the UK, especially for pub lunch.

  • Yeah, I’ve heard that. I also understand that in France, they call it a panaché.

  • dcdude, they also do this in Italy. I was just there and it is awesome but they use some Schweppe’s lemon-lime tonic soda of some sort. Either way, it was amazing.

    I also have to add a glass of lightly sparkling Moscato D’Asti to the list. Delish.

  • I was just about to bring up a shandy. My mom concocted a bunch when she was visiting to use up the MGD left over from a BBQ. You can also mix the beer with ginger ale. I prefer the lemon-lime taste.

    Very delicious.

  • Stone’s green ginger wine – hard to find but worth the search. Straight up chilled, but also great with watermelon.

  • ‘High Cotton’ – a homemade vanilla milkshake with bourbon.

  • My vote is for a chilled Voigner.

    Aww, who am I kidding, my vote is for anything cold and tasty. Mojito, beer, dirty martini, margarita (with lime juice not mixer), Riesling, Jack and Coke, I’m not picky.

  • Doesn’t get better than a simple Vodka Tonic with a lime wedge

  • I just had an Elderflower and Gin drink at Domku the other day…it was AWESOME and refreshing and light. Perfect for the summer. I also tried the Efes there, pretty tasty beer! The deadman’s something or other was also good. Needless to say, Domku has some pretty rocking summer drinks!

  • You can grab Hopocalypse at at least Modern Liquors on the corner of 9th and M. But surely other places have (or will stock) it (upon request).


  • Mojito or Tinto de Verano

  • Paloma:

    1 1/2 shot of tequilla
    3 oz. Grafefruit Soda (available at HT and WF)
    splash of fresh lime
    Served on the rocks

  • Well one things for sure, Petworthians and DCers alike, LOVE to get their drink on!!!

  • Gotta love a good Gin and Tonic. Mint Juleps are also pretty amazing.

  • Pimm’s Cup is my new fave drink for summer. I add in strawberries, lemon, lime, orange and cucumbers (don’t leave out the cucumbers!). I discovered this weekend that it’s best if you let the fruit marinate in the Pimm’s for a few hours before adding in the Sprite (and you can’t make fun of me using Sprite since that’s how I was taught to make it by my Brit friend). Superbly brilliant!

  • Orange Crush:

    Start with a big glass full of ice
    two fingers of Orange Vodka
    two fingers of Triple Sec
    Juice of one freshly squeezed orage
    top off with Sprite.

    Mmmmmmm…. I’m gonna make one now. Oh the joys of the virtual office!

  • I love Radler/Shandy. It’s best with Rolling Rock and Minute Maid lemonade.

    Else a bourbon/cranberry. Try Evan Williams w/Ocean Spray.

  • The John Daly is definitely the drink of the summer.

  • Gin and tonic.

  • and i think the tonic is more important than the gin. a lousy tonic can ruin good gin in that drink. also, lots of ice.

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