Dear PoP – Can You See Fireworks on the Mall From Bloomingdale?

Fireworks on the National Mall in Washington DC, originally uploaded by Pak Gwei.

“Dear PoP,

I’ve got a question I think only you or your readers would be able to answer, could you help me out?

Does anyone know if I’ll be able to see the July 4th fireworks from my roof in Bloomingdale? You can see the Monument and a bit of the Capitol through the trees but I’m not sure if the show would be visible. Anyone know for sure?

If not I guess I’ll just head up to Cardozo HS, which I might do anyway as I hear it’s also great.”

If I had to guess I’d say yes. But I’m sure some Bloomingdale folks can give a more accurate answer. Have fun and Happy Fourth to all!

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  • We’ve watched from our friends’ rooftop on the unit block of R Street in Bloomingdale. We had a good view of the shows (professional and amateur) and had fun talking with the neighbors who were also out.

  • From Bloomingdale roof tops, you can see fireworks on The Mall, as well as simultaneous fireworks displays in Maryland and Virginia. The most impressive show, however, is to be found walking around the neighborhood.

  • You can usually see the mall fireworks, as long as the wind isn’t blowing the smoke the wrong way. But as has been said already, the street show is WAY more worth it. Of course, you’ve also got to watch out for your eyes, your car, and your house. . . one house on the unit block of R St NE bit it last 4th, I do believe.

  • Yes we watched the mall fireworks from our roof in Bloomingdale one year, but beat a hasty retreat because of errant neighborhood bottle rockets that were threatening to land on us.

  • I don’t recommend Cardozo. The kids from the Garfield Terrace Housing Project across the street were throwing rocks at ‘outsiders’ last year. No fun wasting a holiday dealing with DC race relations.

  • my roof deck at 2nd and U is an awesome place to see the fireworks. it’s actually kind of like being in a city under a sustained aerial bombing attack, because there are fireworks in every direction. seriously, it’s super fun and exciting.

  • Matt, please substantiate that claim. I was there and saw none of this. The kids I saw were far too busy lighting explosives to concern themselves with something as pedestrian as rocks. Going on this blog and propogating that sort of “info” does nothing but deter people who just want to have a good time and enjoy the ‘hood, exactly the type of people who are most likely to be deterred, and exactly the type of people who shouldn’t be deterred, lest the event devolve into the hyper-racialized hot mess you’re claiming it is.

    In short, put a lid on it.

  • Awesome, thanks guys. I’m pretty much at 2nd & U also so it sounds like I’m in for a good fourth–maybe I’ll see you around!

  • So NAB, you’re calling Matt a liar?

  • How about the same question for Columbia Heights/Petworth? Can fireworks be seen from roof tops?

  • I’ll back up Matt here, seeing as how I was hit in the arm by a kid who called me a cracker last July 4 at Cardozo. NAB, do shut up.

  • McKinleyHS in Eckington is a great spot for fireworks watching.

  • “I’ll back up Matt here, seeing as how I was hit in the arm by a kid who called me a cracker last July 4 at Cardozo. NAB, do shut up.”

    Accepting Matt’s experience as true he went too far “No fun wasting a holiday dealing with DC race relations.” – Kids have pointed Roman Candles at my car and I am black. I have seen kids try an throw fireworks into crowded city buses (yes full of black riders with women who probably look like their mothers).
    Most kids are fine…bad kids are bad kids you ran into some bad kids. These kids represent people in DC, hardly even said sarcastically what Matt said – not cool

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  • there are great views from Artomatic.

  • Another year, no trouble, great time. The teens I saw exceeded my expectations, actually being rather polite. Matt, I am sorry you had a bad experience, I just don’t want people saying things on here that misreperesnt the overall spirit of the event. People take these comments pretty seriously, at least subconciously, and if everyone shows up expecting problems or people who don’t want problems stay home, then event will suffer.

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