Coming Back – Zenebech Injera


Back in June a number of folks were wondering what was going on with Zenebech Injera, the Ethiopian restaurant located at 608 Florida Ave, NW. I’m happy to report that I was able to go into the restaurant on Monday and it looks nearly finished. I spoke with one of the owners who said that they will open up sometime next week. They will call me when they pick the exact day. But like I said, the inside appeared nearly finished, so you’ll soon be able to get your Zenebech back on!

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  • Hallelujah!

  • Fasil grand opening is July 24th too.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah Sully, I was posting that tomorrow at 5pm!!!

  • will the re-opened restaurant have a place to sit down, or is it take out only?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Jake, I seem to recall their were some tables but I’m not 100% sure, I will ask them when they call me with the exact opening date.

  • zenebech had two or three tables beforehand.

    fasil is open already, right? this is just a ceremonial grad opening, isn’t it?

  • Maybe we’ll finally try Ethiopian food, which has sort of scared me off with the overly spicy nature plus eating with your hands. And I too hope it’s not just take-out, catering to the taxi driving Ethiopian men trying to get dinner. Though if they like it. it must be authentic, good food from their country.

  • Toby – when I moved to Arizona for a couple of years, I managed to talk a group of about 15 non-adventurous eaters to go for Ethiopian with me. Every single one of them loved it. Even the really picky ones. As for the really spicy – its just really flavorful. I’m a hot spice wimp and I’ve never found an Ethiopian dish I didn’t love. Go for it. And they always have wet naps to clean off your hands at the end.

  • Such good news

  • Toby- Zenebech is a place to go just for take-out (they do have tables, but mostly they are for the cab drivers)… it’s also amazing food. I’m personally fond of Etete or Dukem if I actually want to eat in a restaurant. Stay away from things that include berbere as that is the spicy sauce. It’s not that spicy however (although I guess it might be for spice wimps).

  • @IMGoph — I was in there a while ago and didn’t notice the tables. I’ll be sure to try them out when it re-opens.

    I miss Pyramids, next door.

  • What’s good there?

  • jake: i only went to pyramids twice, but that was a hell of a nice restaurant, too. shame that the landlord jacked the rent up so high that they had no choice but to close…

  • I just called Zenebech and they said they are opening on Thursday (7-30).

  • It is open. I went and see the change they have more table .

  • Some of my friend told that zenebech was the best to have the vegetable dish .
    I did not buy it til today.Wow they got the best i like it. i been in a lot of Ethiopian restaurant this place is the best

  • i have been in a lots for ethiopian restorant like Dukem,Etata,Meskerm and a lots of ethiopian restorant some of them have a band[music] the place may look good but when it coms to test Zenebech is the best with evrything like the vegi combo is fresh and the price is unbeleveble i had my dinner for less than $10 and couldn’t eat it all i had to talk what was left ,next day it was as good as it was what i say if you want entertament zenebech is not the place but if u want the real ethiopian test thats the place .

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