Where’s the Doggy Water in DC? (By Wayan)

Where are the Dog Water Fountains in DC, originally uploaded by Wayan Vota.

Dog Taxi and I love to go for long runs around the city, but now that summer is here, its quickly apparent that sweat glands are superior to panting – Dog Taxi is starting to lag behind after the third mile. To compensate, I like to stop for her to get a drink of water and cool off for a minute. But often that brings me to a big challenge: doggy water locations in DC.

Here, Dog Taxi is drinking from the doggy fountain at Walter Pierce Park – the only dog-specific water fountain I know of. Other times, she’s colling off in random mud puddles or I run through Rock Creek, where Taxi loves to tackle Rock Creek ripples But I’d love to expand my running routes across town.

Where else might she lap up cool water on a hot day?

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  • You need to get a Gulpy.

  • I know there is a spigot with dog bowls at the Shaw Dog Park at 11th & R NW.

  • The only other dog fountains I know of are off the beaten path in Rock Creek park – Battery Kemble and Glover Park (39th/W Street) – if you happen to be running up there. Those fountains often aren’t working though, so don’t make a special trip or anything.

    I carry a foldable Hydro Bowl when out with my dog, but finding working water fountains of any kind in DC is tough. Maybe Dog Taxi can play St. Bernard and carry water in a little barrel around her neck.

  • Nicole,
    How am I supposed to run with a Guppy? Sadly, carrying anything is impractical – I’m running 6+ miles and my hands are already full with the leash in the left and a camera & sweat towel in the right.

    I like the water barrell idea, but I doubt Dog Taxi will. She’s mighty particular – the Gentle Leader is sometimes a fight, and that’s all she wears around her neck.

  • I have the same problem. Super Mo Man and the Duchess of Distruction run all over town with me, but lately their tongues have been hanging out after a few miles. I usually include a Rock Creek stop and swim on our route. I’ve thought about buying a camelback hydro pack. I’d have to teach them how to drink out of the tube. They can drink out of squirt bottles, so I guess it’s the same concept. Anyone out there use a camelback while running?

  • If your hands are full, you need to get a small, lightweight backpack to carry water for your dog.

  • The gulpy has a clip, although admittedly it’s not the best. Didn’t occur to me you’d be running with a camera though. I usually just leave the house w/ dog, gulpy & me, but I’m a minimalist like that.

  • I worry about my dog drinking out of puddles and Rock Creek. There is a lot of sewage and road chemicals (oil, anti-freeze, etc) from storm run-off in that water that is potentially hazardous to dogs. Rock Creek Park has some bathrooms along the trail – bring a heavy duty large ziplock (the freezer kind) that can fit easily in your pocket and fill up there – they make a decent dog bowl. Also, local businesses often have bathrooms – run into a Starbucks and fil up. Not so convenient when you are out on a run I admit, but good if you are walking about town.


  • There’s a dog fountain going in the new dog park at New Hampshire and 17th (assuming they ever finish work on that thing).

    And the little shop next to Rosemary’s Thyme on 18th St almost always leaves a big bowl of water outside.

  • bella likes to lap from the spigots in rock creek cemetary… turn those bad boys on and she goes at it!

  • I am a firm believer that they way to a woman’s heart is through her pet. Thus, I am planning on bribing my girlfriend’s English Bulldogs with toys during my next visit. That said, these dogs are notorious for destroyifying even the most hearty of toys within minutes. Can anyone recommend a brand of toy or a dog shop in DC that carries especially tough toys?

  • Wayan – what is Dog Taxi’s breed?

  • Like cupcake said – careful letting your dog drink from puddles…sometimes there are bad chemicals in those puddles and others, there are parasites like giardia.

    Flipflopirate – check out Kong toys. The classic Kong (looks like a snowman) works for my dog (who chews through everything). They also make an extreme version. You can get them at any pet store.


  • I doubt it is good for any dog to be running 6 miles, or even 1, on hard, hot summer streets through the city! Please talk to your vet about this. Dogs running unleashed in the woods can go miles because they run or loll or nose around as they like, on soft ground, but they aren’t designed for a steady jogging pace on cement.

    I like the baggie water-bowl idea. But if caught out – I just cup my hands and beg a litte water from a passer-by with the now ubiquitous water bottle. People – especially kids, are always happy to do this.

  • When I talk my vicious beast out for a long walk, I usually will stop at a human fountain and make a cup with my hand… impractical and it takes a little longer, but the beast gets a fresh clean drink and so do I (not with my cup hand though)…

  • Perhaps Dog Taxi can get his human to run near 14th & P. A number of stores near that intersection (Logan Hardware, Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams, ACKC), regularly set out dog bowls, at least during weekend business hours. Shop at Logan Hardware with your pooch and (s)he will get a dog treat. Understandably, Logan Hardware has become our Merseyside Terrier’s favorite store.

  • If you don’t want to carry the water then get a doggy backpack.

    Also, you need to regularly check Taxi’s foot pads after sustained running activity over pavement.

  • I second the dog backpack. First of all, they’re incredibly light and (if you size them correctly) sit in a spot that’s very comfy for the dog. And they’re made of the easy-drying camp tent material, which probably has a name but I can’t think of it at the moment. I have a Westie terrier who is old and lazy and won’t walk anywhere for long periods of time, but his campy backpack is no problem. He actually likes it, judging from his prance and looking people in the eye when he’s wearing it. And it’s pretty much hilarious and adorable for a dog to carry around their own stuff.

    @Pirate- this sounds ridiculous, but go to Target and buy the bin toys that have the giraffe prints. There’s a ball and a bone. They’re fuzzy and have squeakers- I can’t stress the giraffe print enough, make sure you get the right ones. They’re like $1.99. INDESTRUCTABLE, randomly. Used to have them at Petco, but now I can only find them at stupid Target.

  • @flipflopirate — Doggy Style on 18th has a good selection of Kong toys. Skip the overpriced cans of filler and stuff them with peanut butter. Woof.

  • @Flipfloppirate http://www.fetchdog.com/shop/dogtoys/chewtoys/dogtags-chewy-shoe/T20011 These are great and indestructible and $2 goes to the DogTags program, in which, “…inmates train puppies to become service dogs for soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.”

  • Taxi is a mix of German Shepard, Beagle and Mutt

    For all those that question my running with Taxi on hot days, she and her paws are fine. In fact, she often accosts me with the leash and that look in her eye around mid-day, and once i put on my running shoes, she’s a live wire looking for the run start. When she gets home, she gets a good soak int he hose and ice cubes in her water bowl – a favorite.

  • FYI: Here’s an article just posted by Friendship animal hospital on the dangers of running with dogs: http://www.friendshiptails.com/2009/06/dangers-of-jogging-with-your-dog.html

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