Reader Submitted – Sweet Place for a Barbecue


A reader combines my love of fire escapes and bbqs. He writes:

“Saw this on the side of an apartment building in Columbia Heights yesterday, and thought you might be interested. I guess if you don’t have a backyard but really want to barbecue, this is a sweet way to do it!”

I love it.

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  • pretty sure that’s a fire code violation.

  • that has future Darwin award winner written all over it.

  • OK, seriously…. It time for them to find a BIGGER place with a yard or common area…

  • “Let’s build a fire … on the fire escape!”

  • Clever idea, but if someone from the Office of the Fire Marshall sees it, there will be hell to pay.

  • Yeah…doesn’t the firestation always have “dont grill on balconies” plastered outside every summer? I assume that’s because its unsafe to have open fire close to the outside of the building, as well as the possibilities of hot coals raining down on whomever (or whatever) happens to be below…I dont think its really a “sweet place for a BBQ”…perhaps a correction/clarification is in order?

  • This is why I love DC!

  • I know for a fact that’s illegal in PG County. I know it because a friend got a “ticket” for it and ended up in court.

  • Its been there for over a year without issue.

  • also illegal in manhattan

  • So, speaking of fire code, does anybody know what the fire code regulations actually are? I mean, it seems like everybody has a grill on their balcony. If you burn your house down with a grill on the balcony, does your insurance not kick in? I cant find anything about fire codes on Anybody have some *official* info on this?

  • On my first glance at this photo, I thought, ILLEGAL!! I hope they have a nice ride with it (like Ohio Player says, it’s been there over a year), but the balcony grill is not legal at all in DC. For example, friend of mine in Harrison Square had to move her BBQ to the ground and dumbwaiter her food to the balcony because some nosy neighbors called the city.

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