NoMa Summer Screen – Buena Vista Social Club

Bueno Vista Social Club, originally uploaded by stapaf.

From an email:

“The NoMa (north of Massachusetts Avenue) Business Improvement District (BID) will host

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  • Great Cuban sounds. I’m going.

    Hope we’re not rained out.

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • Do they show films every week?

  • I had a surreal experience involving Buena Vista Social Club. I waiting for dinner to start in the galley of the old domed South Pole station. Some mix was playing and just as a BVSC song came on these stereotypical Russian men walked in complete with the fur hats. They went upstairs to the bar and I heard they spend the entire time drinking and playing chess. It turns out their plane broke down on landing. Since one of them was high up in the Parliament, they pulled some strings to get access to the US base. Years later we later repaired their plane in exchange for ice breaking services to McMurdo.

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