Mid City Caffe To Open June 14th (Above Miss Pixie’s on 14th Street)


So it was a little later than April… From a press release:

“On Sunday, June 14th, owners Fernando Acha and designer Mick Mier will unveil Mid City Caff

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  • Midd Citty Caff

  • Hate to say it, but I doubt any coffee shop not on street level can survive. And where is this “outdoor patio?”

    Add that to the fact that it’s a coffee shop that doesn’t open until 7am, and, well, you can see where I’m going with this.

  • i’m very excited about this joint! i don’t think a 2nd story store is really an issue, but i am concerned about the hours.

  • Yay Counter Culture coffee! Sparky’s served CC…

    Maybe the outdoor patio is on the roof?!

  • Hooray! I moved in around the corner from this right around the time it was first announced on PoP, and I’ve been staring up at the empty space for the last two months, convinced that the project had gone under.

    Between this and Cork Market/Wine Store going in up a block and across the street, I may soon never leave the three block radius of my apartment. (Maybe I should put in a proposal to telework…)

  • I just wish there would be sandwiches as well. I don’t know why DC has such a dearth of decent sandwich places (good bread, interesting fillings).

  • the lamentations over not opening “until 7 am” are hysterical. what, are you guys farmers? how about busboys and poets, which doesn’t open until 9 on weekends? (or the late sparkey’s, which opened sort of whenever the first hung-over employee dragged over to open the door, which was usually around 9-9:30 on weekends). 7 am is plenty early for most people who are going to spend time in a coffeeshop in the city.

  • I agree that a 2nd story coffee shop seems like a tough concept to make work. I think about half of a coffee shop’s business is people walking in and getting their coffee to go. That business is pretty much eliminated if it’s on the 2nd floor. I’d think a restaurant or bar would make more sense.

  • why does a second floor “eliminate” walk-in customers?

  • All this cloud-cover is reminding me of my old Seattle home. One thing that certainly doesn’t remind me of Seattle are DC’s coffee shops. Big Bear is close to those great Seattle coffee houses. Tryst kills me with its sit-down service, which leads to its state of constant near-capacity seating. I’m not sure why DC is hurting so badly for cool cofee shops. We have beautiful old spaces and plenty of people needing caffine. I’m really pulling for this spot.
    Can anyone suggest any other Big Bear’ish spots?

  • Wow, a coffee shop without an espresso machine. What an awesomely stupid idea.

  • All I can say is that the 14th Street/U Street area is desperate for a good coffee shop. And Counter Culture is amazing, especially when brewed in a pour-over style (which includes espresso- no espresso machine required). If someone is pissed off by walking up one flight of stairs, I think he or she may have greater issues to resolve.

  • As a resident of the block, I’ll be very excited to have a coffee place near by again. I’ve been making the trek to Java House since Sparky’s closed…

  • I’m cautiously excited about Mid City Caffe. I miss Sparky’s and have been skeptical about one that would live up to its atmosphere. They had comfortable booths, traditional (if not worn out) tables and chairs inside and out, artsy/commie decor that may remind you of Frisco or East Berlin, and of course a couple cute baristas who worked there. These are simple but important factors in making a decent indie coffee shop.

    As Victoria asked, why aren’t there many cool coffee shops in DC? I attribute that to the drab political culture, as there is also a lack of a local art scene. I’ve had to settle for Steam on 17th Street, but it just doesn’t feel as cozy nor is it as close by. Hopefully, Mid City Caffe will fill the void, at least for as long as I live down 14th Street, and offer something novel to DC: customer service.

  • Well, I just tried to go there, but apparently it doesn’t exist. So lame as usual.

  • Clif,

    No espresso machine?, It will have one, state of the art one dumm ass!

  • Hours: I totally agree with the hours. I pass by the locale daily at times ranging from 7am to 9:30am…always lots of people walking, biking, driving to work. (Love the ‘farmers’ comment)

    Elevated Location: I don’t think anyone starved for a real friggin coffee shop in this neighborhood cares about walking up a flight of stairs. It sure as heck beats my 2 mile commute to Tryst, or my 1.5 mile commute to Big Bear, or my 1.7 mile commute to Locoalt for real coffee. It is greatly overdue and they got their foot in the neighborhood first, so they will bank. I don’t think they will need to rely on the average starbucks junkie to take notice of people sitting at street level. A sidewalk sign will do them fine.

    An interesting take from a friend at work was…do you really want to be on street level given the still lagging remnants of the 14th street corridor anyway? I thought it was a good point as I have been disturbed many times while sitting at street cafes in the area.

  • “Can anyone suggest any other Big Bear

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