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North Sea Restaurant is located at 2479 18th Street, NW (near the McDonalds). I have to say, I never realized this was a proper restaurant. I always thought it was just take out. But it looks pretty nice.


Their Web site says:

“Our restaurant offers a wide array of authentic fine Chinese dishes, ranging from tranditional Szechuan and Hunan dishes such as , Seasame Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Sauteed Mix Vegetable to new style entrees such as Pad Thai, Chicken Chow Mein, Pepper Steak and Kung Po Shrimp.”

You can see the menu here. So any fans out there for delivery or dining in?

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  • North Sea rocks! We’ve never eaten there but get delivery all the time. They deliver to Petworth, are very friendly and the food is tasy and very reasonably priced. They now deliver sushi too.

  • saf

    Huh, they’ll deliver up here now?

    When I lived in Adams Morgan, we used to get carryout from there all the time (that was before they added the tables).

  • I’ve had them deliver to my place just off the Petworth metro, and while they were unsure of how to find my house (had to talk them in via cell phone) the food was very good and they always were friendly and willing to call me when they didn’t know how to find me.

    I’ve heard they’ll also deliver beer to you as part of the service, but haven’t tested that out yet. The food has been above-average for delivery Chinese – not too greasy.

  • My roommate and I ordered from here twice. First time, we got some noodles we liked so we ordered the same dish again a few weeks later. The second time, we found chicken in our dish (we’re both vegetarian). When we called to ask them about it, we were told 1) that we were wrong, that it wasn’t chicken; 2) that it was egg, even though we’d ordered it without egg both times (according to the lady we didn’t order it without egg the first time, although I’m not sure how I’d forget that considering I don’t eat egg); and 3) they wouldn’t do anything about it. Now, mistakes happen. However, neither my roommate nor I appreciated being told that we were wrong on numerous counts. TERRRRRRIBLE service on the phone – stay away.

  • This place has TERRIBLE service. They sent my roommate and I a vegetarian dish with chicken in it. And then they were just horrible about it. No refund. No replacement. Nothing. I’ve told everyone I know not to go to this place. This crazy woman was yelling over the phone. It was the silliest debate I’ve ever had with ANYONE. You should have heard it. She was nuts. Yelling about egg or some nonsense. We were really debating about whether or not the chicken was chicken. I don’t let any of my friends order from there. Neither should you. There are just other places with kinder people who deserve your business.

  • Never again will I pay money for this garbage. There are too many decent businesses in this area to subject yourself to North Sea. In America, we have choices. Next time, I will choose elsewhere.

  • i can’t imagine how disgusting the kitchen of this place is, if that outside corner is any indication…

  • I feel bad for Kat and MadAtNSea because the same thing has happened to me before – not at North Sea though, never been there. But I will give it a thumbs down for them.

  • Extremely friendly and helpful staff, on too many experiences with beaks and claws in the food. Sweet and sour pork is especally spotty. (Can’t think of any place that’s significantly better, though.)

  • Haven’t had any issues with them, been about as good as any of the dirty Chinese joints around. They do deliver to P-worth, and they’re on Foodler as well, so if you don’t want to talk to somebody, you can order online. (I generally pick Peking Express over them, though).

  • BEAKS and CLAWS? Can you special order that?

  • This is our go-to Chinese food place. The food is good, they deliver beer, and for the last year or so have been giving away scratch cards with your delivery order on which you win a free beer or a free soup or appetizer. Out of half a dozen or so, we’ve only had one that wasn’t a winner, so we dig it.

  • Since when was Pad Thai considered an “authentic Chinese dish”?

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