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  • This is the second time I have seen you put up a picture of a house I think was used online to try and sell it around six months ago. Are you getting lazy? I thought you walked around and took pictures not just sitting on your couch and finding them online.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hahaha. No I didn’t see this home online. You’re welcome to follow me on walk if you’d like. Last Sunday I did 17 miles… (By the by you’ll notice this is my own photo and not taken from any Web site.)

  • Yeah, PoP, we’re paying good money for you to entertain us with NEW! EXCITING! photographs. How dare you repeat a house…

    ANYWAY, did you know that these balconies were meant for sickly folk to get fresh air? They are usually called “consumption porches.” This term doesn’t apply to the main entry-area porch or verandah, however.

  • Was this house like this or is this a popup with style?

  • I would say that this is 100% the way it was originally built. The proportions are perfect…

  • Is that the 400 block of M St NW? There are some gorgeous houses over that way.

  • While many of the big houses on this particular street are still single-family, this one is actually a condo-conversion. I think there are 4-5 units in this one.

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