Have You Ever Lived in a House With Ghosts?


A reader sent in this photo saying:

She saw this truck “on the 300 block of T Street Saturday night . . . I guess this means someone has a haunted house?”

Then I was at Wonderland and someone said they have lived in a house that had a ghost. So I thought I’d throw this out there – anyone ever live in a haunted house? If so describe what you saw/heard. I wonder if these guys have them music? Dang now the Ghost Busters tune is totally stuck in my head…

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  • saf

    My parents’ house is haunted. I’m pretty sure the house I lived in when I was a teenager was haunted. So was my Mom’s childhood home.

    I think Mom attracts ghosts.

  • Ha! I live right near there and my roommate and I always refer to the dilapidated mansion at 3rd & T as the haunted house. I guess it’s true.

  • Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

  • My grandmother’s house on Colorado avenues is haunted like Nancy and Ronnie Regan

  • Wait, there are Ghostbusters in DC? How have I never heard of this before? Is this a joke? If not, this should provide fodder for at least another 20 POP posts. Please, someone, enlighten us. I may barely be able to sleep tonight …

  • lived at 1124 park road for years…basement apt was totally haunted..

  • my mom died in our house with hospice care and afterwards i lived there and i always heard loud smashing plates in the basement…….i’d go downstairs and there’d be nothing there……a year later my brother told me that mom loved smashing plates as a little girl.

  • As long as there are crazy, paranoid and/or gullible people around, there will be someone to take their money.

  • I lived in a house with a lot of weird movement, shadows, banging, etc on the 3rd floor. we found out later that there had been a big house party several years before and the house went up in flames….someone died in the fire. it was weird but we just accepted it and didn’t call ghostbusters or anything. we just considered it to be yet another roommate (though this one didn’t pay any rent!).

    I’ll admit that I was pretty dubious about ghosts before that but there was no question about this, and all 5 of the roommates experienced it independently.

  • Suite 870 of the Omni Shoreham is said to be haunted:

  • And here I am working for a living like a chump when I could be scoring serious loot by taking advantage of the utter stupidity, superstition and gullibility of people. I should be a PSI .. or a priest.

    BONUS: i like how they use the same font as CSI the T.v. show so that idiots who think the show is about real stuff will feel more like these clowns are reputable somehow.

  • I lived with a couple guys who vanished whenever it came time to do chores. Does that count?

    My beers and Doritos would also mysteriously disappear. It was creepy.

  • It should be noted that being exposed to small amounts of carbon monoxide over a long period of time can cause hallucinations and hearing things that are not there. Just FYI.

  • I grew up in a house in Minnesota built in 1865 or so. One night, I got up to use the bathroom and thought I saw a little girl in a white dress. I have no idea if it was just a ghost or the last part of a dream, but my parents always felt there was a presence in the house. Like if you were downstairs and home by yourself, it felt like there was someone on the second floor, etc. Growing up there, I didn’t feel it, since it was all I was used to.

  • There are all sorts of creaking, groaning, moaning, squeaking and scratching noises in and around my house at night. that’s called living in an 80 year old settling house with squirrels and raccoons on the roof.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    My childhood home in Charleston SC was haunted. At night the oven timer would go off, the oven door would slam and the kitchen drawers would too! I learned of a gullah trick to ward off ghosts from a classmate – well i told her and she told her grandmother awho told her what i should do nd then the classmate told me… and it got rid of the odd activity! i still keep the talisman to this day.

  • Geez….I’m I the only one here that hasn’t ever seen or heard a ghost? I feel so left out.

  • My dorm room in college was supposed to be haunted. I had a friend who took a nap there one afternoon and said she would never go in there again. She never would tell me what happened.

  • I know what else wards off ghosts. Realizing that they don’t exist.

  • I used to work for an association in Old Town, Alexandria that had a ghost appear late at night. A number of people (maintenance and office workers) repeated the same story… The building would become extremely cold and then a woman would appear and walk down the hallway. It was thought that she was a nurse as the building sits on the site where a hospital was during the civil war. There is also a cemetery near the building so that might have something to do with it. Who knows? I made sure I left the building by 9:00 if working late so I didn’t have to witness myself…

  • @ mar, yeah, also having cancer can cause you to see ghosts, apparently. I learned that from watching Grey’s Anatomy.

  • My cousin lives in a house built over a civil war battlefield. She’s seen two specific ghosts clearly – the “Bishop” who cruises thru in a black cape, and a soldier in uniform. I stayed over one night and at bedtime felt an extreme cold spot while changing, and then my bag was tossed off the bed onto the floor. I am an absolute BELIEVER.

  • I once looked at my shar-pei and saw Connie Francis’s face but it might have been the acid not a ghost.

  • My family owns a building that was built in about 1840. It is pretty creepy and much of it still looks like it did in 1840.

    Anyway, the Wichita Paranormal Society they contacted us to see if they could come investigate the building. They are volunteers and they do it for free. They have them all over the country so chances are you don’t really need to “pay” for an investigation.

    It was a fun night. We just explored the building all night long in the dark. It actually made me feel much less creeped out about being up there by myself at night.

    Other people have claimed they heard weird things in the building but I have never experienced anything remotely paranormal.

  • I felt a malevolent presence in my apartment, like a watchful unpleasantness. I later heard from my neighbors that an earlier tenant died in my apartment, in a huge mess and surrounded by porn. They said he was a complete jerk and a little scary. I think he still wafts around a little bit.

  • I totally believe that ghosts exist and had been worried our old house might have some surprises, but so far nothing.

    @QuincyStreetNeighbor: regardless of my current lack of paranormal activity, I’d still like to know that the “gullah trick” is for future reference.

  • Our loft in the O Street Studios is haunted… Things are always falling over for no reason and windows fling open. Even during the day stuff happens that catches me off guard and creeps me out.
    We have lovingly identified our ghost as “Ralph” because in the 1950’s a guy named Ralph inscribed his name on the rafters. The building was once the People’s Drugstore warehouse. I would love to know more about the history of the building because we are sure we have an invisible friend.

  • You all would be surprised how much a squirrel inside an A/C duct sounds like a person walking on the floor above.

  • Oh yes, when I first came to DC I moved to a coworkers 2 bdrm, rent-controlled apartment in Georgetown on 35th between Q and Volta. The place looked exactly like it must have in 1940. My roommate warned me before I moved in that the place was haunted, and I laughed because who believes that stuff. Well…I moved out after eight months. Some days a horrible stink would come from the floor in one of our bedrooms, like something dead. Building management spent days exterminating, ripping out floorboards, replacing flooring, hiring cleaners, etc. because they said a squirrel or rat probably crawled in between the second and third floor of the brick building and died. No one ever found any traces of dead rodents. The smell would go away for a few weeks then come back stronger than before. Then the lights started coming on in one room and then another in the middle of the night. And finally, the bedroom doors began opening and slamming shut on both of our rooms after midnight. At first, I convinced myself that we had a dead animal, or my roommate was just dirty, or the wind blew doors open and shut. After a few months of ongoing freakiness and waking up at 3 AM to just pure strangeness, I found a nice basement in Mt. Pleasant to call home. My roommate left the place a few months after I did, and it was when she went to get her deposit back from the management company that they told her why the place was so cheap for Georgetown. You guessed it, some guy committed suicide in her bedroom. I think he’s a disruptive ghost but probably won’t harm anyone. If you can put up with the stink, lights and door banging, I know of a cheap apartment in Georgetown.

  • In the book “Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County” is a story written by my then 12 year old sister about the ghost that haunted my parent’s old farmhouse.

  • I’m a skeptic, but had some experiences while working at the Heurich House that were pretty difficult to explain.

    I spent a lot of time in the attic storage rooms, often after most of the other staff had left for the night. The whole floor was stifling in summer, but more than once I walked through cold spots that were not near anything that could have caused them (e.g. in the center of a windowless, ventless hallway w/all of its doors closed). A gentle, cold breeze also once blew across my back as I crouched on the floor trying to move some shelves. There was no AC in the attic, and most of the windows were painted or nailed shut.

    There were also scents – lilacs a few times, and twice something that smelled a lot like rotten meat. Those I noticed when I was alone in the house, and well away from any place where food or flowers would be.

  • in Georgetown on 35th between Q and Volta.

    Right across the street from a cemetery that was removed after decades of neglect (the Georgetown Rec Center is now on the site 😉

  • Wow, …. I’m sure all of you would ridicule someone who said they didn’t believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection and instead believed in a supernatural explanation of creation, ……yet you’re more than willing to accept supernatural explanations for unexpected noises or odors……any feelings of cognitive dissonance here?

  • @Anonymous:6:29pm: I think people here are willing to share their experiences and you are trying to find a way to judge them . . . ***slow golf clap***

  • My brother’s house in MA was built in the early 1700’s and is most definitely haunted. I had NEVER believed in ghosts (nor did he) until his experiences there.

    He and his wife have both seen a woman on different occaisons just standing in the living room. And in the last 6 months there have been two separate occasions where the same large, heavy object that stands on their refridgerator crashed and landed in the middle of the kitchen floor. They tried to find some way that it could have fallen on its own, but given its weight and size, it is extremly unlikely that there is a “normal” explanation!

  • So they both saw a stranger standing in the middle of their living room. Did they immediately call the police? If not, why not?

  • No, Dan.

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