Finally. An Answer To What Will Become of the Space Next to CH Coffee. A Restaurant

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There’s was lots of scuttlebutt about this place located on 11th Street between Monroe and Park Streets NW. First we heard it was going to become a furniture store and then a tapas restaurant. Well it turns out it will become a restaurant. The alcohol application says it will become a new tavern with American fare. There will be a 75 person occupancy with a possible sidewalk cafe and perhaps a DJ at times. The trade name is Local 11.

I’d be pretty psyched about the sidewalk cafe. What do you guys think – sounds good?


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  • Cool, this sounds good to me. I hope it’s cheap and tasty! Also, a “tavern” license means that your title is incorrect, right? Wouldn’t a bar (that serves American food) be more accurate? A restaurant has to get a lot higher percentage of its sales from food than a tavern does, and isn’t subject to a lot of other food related restrictions. That’s why Saint Ex is in the process of switching to a “tavern.” Also, tavern licenses are harder to get usually because people go there primarily to drink, right?

  • I think I would have been more excited if it had been something other than a bar or restaurant. Maybe a hardware store, or a used bookstore, or a bowling alley, or a toy store (’cause there isn’t one in DC!), or something. I’m sure that bars/restaurants make money, and other stuff not so much, but what does that say about us?

    Maybe all we do is come home from work and start drinking…

  • I advise another name. Room 11 is opening just down the street. How about some originality?

  • @Quebecois There is a toy store on Barracks Row (8th St. SE) on the Hill. Groovyland. Independent, locally owned and everything – check it out!

  • Boooooo. Bad food, and another noisy bar on 11th Street. Adams Morganization continues.

  • There’s a toy store up on Wisconsin near the Cathedral too.

  • Shhh, nobody tell DCDW…. 😉

  • Damn 11th St. is becoming the hot spot!

  • Glad I bought when I did! I love my neighborhood 🙂

  • i wish this was going to be a kite store

  • Sounds good to me! 11th Street as a commercial drag is patchy and spread-out, with nothing like the density of drinking establishments in Adams Morgan. It would be nice to see some more eclectic businesses open up there, too, though.

  • 1. The name. I agree with Anon 8:14 – with Room 11 opening up nearby it’s not a great choice. Plus it also sounds like they’re copying Local 16, and I really hope they aren’t striving to be like that place.

    2. Adams Morganization. I feel like only in DC would the existence of (what will eventually be) 5 bars or restaurants plus a coffee shop on 1 street would lead people to claim the street was turning into a major destination nightlife district. In other cities that would just be a normal commercial street. I personally think it would be nice if there were streets like this in more neighborhoods with bars & restaurants outside of the main hotspots like Adams Morgan, U St, H St , Conn Ave, etc.

  • First of all, I doubt this is the final name — it’s not like the name you put on the liquor license application will necessarily be the business name. I agree that, if it is, terrible idea in light of Room 11. Second, it is also hard to know exactly what the business plan will be from this. Whomever said “terrible food” for example, ummm, hello? We have NO idea with the chef or menu will be like. I hope the emphasis here is on FOOD as Meridian Pint is much more of a nightlife stop already, with a lot more space, pool lounge downstairs, etc. This space is REALLY small, too small in my mind for a DJ / club type environment, so I was surprised they asked for permission for a DJ — where are they going to fit that kind of crowd? I am glad the space is being used commercially, I just hope they keep the focus on being a neighborhood spot serving good food in a pleasant atmosphere.

  • To New2CH’s point about size, maybe there have been talks to buy out the place on the other side. I think it is a laundry (not a laundromat, but some kind of commercial laundry service).


  • Prince Of Petworth

    I”m pretty sure that the Trade Name Local 11 is just used for filing purposes. I’m think that there will be a different name for the restaurant. Sorry for the confusion.

  • saf

    Quebecois – there are actually several toy stores in the District. Sullivan’s, on Wisconsin Ave, Tree Top, on New Mexico Ave, Groovy DC and Groovyland on 8th St SE.

  • PoP – care to do any digging about the building across the street? It’s been vacant for at least 5 yrs, but has some drawings in the window as if they are planning to improve.

  • Don’t forget Child’s Play- 5536 Conn. Ave. just south of Chevy Chase circle. The best toy store in the world!

    And I’m fond of used book stores, but with a profit of maybe a dollar or two on each book, I don’t see making rent.

  • Triple Nickel, I’ve seen those drawings and have wondered about that building as well.

  • First, as for toys, Target has a pretty sizable toy section, they’d be hard to compete with, and 11th Street just does not get a ton of foot traffic during the day.

    Triple Nickel, there has been discussion on this blog in the past about that site. It is the former Hope 7 Monroe project. The developer is in jail. The plans are totally defunct. Between the legal quagmire surrounding the project (including promises made to the former tenants) and the tricky development / financing climate, I’d imagine that, despite its prime location, it will remain undeveloped for at least a few more years. I’d love to think differently, but one developer has already tried and failed to get financing to get the project back on track.

    The space on 11th I am more curious about is the other vacant space next to Acuario (from what I understand, it recently came out of probate, but I’d love to see the owners put that long-vacant spot to productive use) and the former liquor store next to Arthur’s, which was purchased a few years ago by folks with, supposedly, big plans, but to which absolutely zero has been done so far as I can see.

  • Damn, I had actually hoped to open a bicycle shop there one day.

  • There is still the spot adjacent to Acuario!

  • Still wish we could get Ruff N’ Ready up here! They anchored the whole development of 14th & T (Saint Ex etc.)

  • That space can barely fit about 25 people in it, I don’t understand where the 75 comes from, even if you consider an outside patio seating.

  • A bike shop would be such a better addition than yet another bar/eatery.

  • This area in general needs an Indian restaurant!

  • Or a Thai restaurant

  • or a map store

  • Yesterday I was walking on 14th St and I passed a place with applications in the window. The name on that place was also Local 11. Maybe they’re opening up multiple locations??

    (I can’t remember exactly which storefront it was but I believe it was between S and U NW)

  • What are you talking about re: Indian? Fusion in Petworth is an excellent option.

  • Fusion is in a not-very-Metro-accessible part of Petworth, and too expensive – we could use one closer to the Columbia Heights metro, more akin to Pho 14.

    @Glax – ThaiTanic is coming to one of the Allegro retail spaces.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Hooray! As a bachelor with no time or interest in the culinary arts after working a 11-12 hour day, I welcome a new dining/sudzing option within walking distance to my house!

  • I agree that a bike shop would be nice.

  • I tried Fusion. It’s not really Indian food (hence the name Fusion) and it was not all that great tasting. Adams Morgan, however, is only a few blocks away and has two very good Indian places. As well as a crapload of bars and eateries. 11th Street could have been different, and better, but alas, it’s not.

  • The application says it wants to have alcohol sales and entertainment til 2 am even on weekdays and sundays. Is that even legal?

  • i wish this was a gourmet chocolate store. who needs another bar?!?

  • It is legal. Acuario certainly has those hours. As does Wonderland, I THINK. Redrocks put in for those hours, as did Room 11, but scaled back as a result of voluntary agreement with ANC, which I imagine might happen with this place as well. But I agree on 75 people — there needs to be kitchen and bathroom in that space, remember, so after that, I can’t see anything more than 30-40, tops. If anyone is able to find / reach the owners, who could provide a lot more info about their business plan, that would be great … including what type of cuisine they are planning on.

    Speaking of restaurants, any update on Social? Supposedly opening in June, but I just don’t see how that could be possible at this point.

  • This “orange” notice is an opportunity to hear the owners concept and express support and/or concerns. Before Red Rocks opened, he presented his concept to the ANC and addressed residents concerns about entertainment and hours of operations. Although some close neighbors were not 100% supportive, the owner did make some changes and got a good number of local residents expressed support for his business plan (and we still do).

    As a close neighbor, I would be concerned about the hours and entertainment (i.e tavern idea) but willing to hear the owners ideas presented. So if other people have questions or concerns, review the poster and attend the scheduled meeting.

  • I was hoping for an Arby’s, but I guess this will do.

  • it could always just sit there and house rats for several more years. sure, it’d be nice if it was something else, but this is what the investor thinks is the most profitable use. time will tell, but I’m of the opinion that most everything is better than a vacant, decaying storefront.

  • Is the scheduling hearing an ANC hearing or something different?

  • Anon 1:36

    I’ll review the orange notice when I get home tonight and post it here. I’ll also suggest POP post something. My experience is these notices are for ABC board but a hearing is usually part of the ANC process before the ABC board makes a final decision. This allows the ANC to weigh into the application, based on the resident concerns. Usually, the ABC board will not issue a liquor license without a voluntary agreement with the ANC, but if no one shows up to ask questions or raise concerns, the ANC can say “no complaints from us”.

  • i thought this was going to be an artisanal automobile tire shop?

  • Anyone else think it’s time for the ANC system to be overhauled and [in]voluntary agreements done away with? Does anyone think it’s ok for a few individuals to hold up development for an entire neighborhood?

  • If those few individuals will be disproportionally impacted by the business, I think it’s more than fair.

  • The ANC process is not the best, and the ANC1a is probably one of the worse. However, it is one way to have resident concerns heard. Especially when dealing with liquor licensing. And as anon 2:31 states quite rightly, if the next door neighbors are going to be much more impacted than someone say in g-town, why shouldn’t THEIR concerns be more important.

    However, those of us who went thru the process with Red Rocks saw this process work pretty well. I personally am happy to have more business on this block, but that does not mean I may want a live entertainment “bar” open to 3am in my backyard. But we have not even heard the business plan yet.

  • the process doesn’t always work this way – it’s not always next door neighbors. just look at that crazy woman and what she did to nightlife in mt pleasant for years even though she didn’t live there. any crackpot can lodge a complaint and halt a liquor license. “voluntary” agreements aren’t voluntary when the complaintant has you over a barrel, you’re paying a mortgage and have no revenue because you can’t open, etc.

  • mmmm, american fare. yuck! DC lacks a lot of good ethnic restaurants compared to NOVA.

  • Very good news since CH coffee “ran out of” tuna Sunday right around lunch time. (Good thing there’s a SubWay near us.)

  • @UStreet – I saw the same thing (… I wonder if they’re related to Local 16.

  • I dont gather that Meridian Pint is going to be a nightlife spot rather than a good food establishment – John Andrade (owner) has been saying since day 1 that he’s looking for a good chef and how this isn’t just going to be bar food. Plus hes looking to be open Sat/Sun for brunch. I’m definitely looking forward to the eats as much as the drinks.

  • Social will have a series of soft openings and be formally open for business in July. PoP readers will be among the first to receive news from Social in order to welcome the community among its first customers.

    The website will be launched in the very near future and the webpage is

    If you have further questions I would be happy to answer them! You can of course email me: gabbielenzi (at) mac (dot) com

  • A bike shop would be huge. I don’t like going to city bikes, but it’s so convenient. Location, location, location.

  • There’s a newish toy store in Georgetown on Wisconsin not far from the Kids Gap.

    And if you’re up in the Takoma Park area, there are two good stores: The Pajama Squid and Fair Day’s Play.

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