Dear PoP – What’s Up With The Caribbean Day Festival/Parade This Saturday?

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“Hey PoP,

I am new to DC this summer and I have really been enjoying your postings and information on the city and the Petworth area where I live.

I am interested in getting a little information about the Caribbean festival and parade this weekend and was wondering if you could provide your readers with a few details. So far their website has been a little sparse. As a longtime resident of DC can you provide any info on this years festival or of festivals in the past?”

Yes! I can’t believe I forgot to mention this. It is amazing and you all must immediately change your plans to attend the parade this Saturday. Seriously. It is amazing. If you don’t believe me, check out photos from last year’s parade.

From the DC Caribbean Carnival Web site:

“The annual Extravaganza Parade will be staged along the Georgia Avenue corridor on Saturday, June 27, 2009 , and will commence at Missouri Avenue at 11:00 a.m. and terminate at the international marketplace at “DE SAVANNAH” – Banneker Recreation Park. DC Caribbean Carnival will host the international marketplace at “DE SAVANNAH ” from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m featuring food, craft and entertainment”

I recommend you get to Georgia Ave. anytime between 12 and 2 pm. And don’t wear any nice clothes cause you’ll get dirty!

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  • And FYI big time. You won’t be able to drive across GA Ave between roughly Howard U and Missouri Ave for the most part of the day. If you want to go, say from Sherman Cirlce and cross GA to get to Connecticut Ave or parts west, or then get home to Petworth from parts west, FUGEDDABOUDIT!!! You can resurrect my post from last year at this time. I love the Caribbean Festival, bla, bla, bla, but it f#$%^s up traffic for local residents. Plan accordingly. And the police do rolling or even total closings of GA when the festival gets started.

  • where is the best place to watch on GA?

  • I confess to being severely disappointed that virtually all the music was pre-recorded, and there wasn’t much dancing going on. There’s a lot of energy on the street but after a while the charm of seeing and hearing colorfully dressed ex-pats essentially walking behind giant, flat-bed mounted boom-boxes faded.

  • that photo made me so claustrophobic i felt nauseous.

  • Irving Streete – At least in Jamaica, the party music tradition is less about live bands than about huge sound systems or “sounds” that play recorded music over massive PA systems. This is where the whole MC/DJ tradition of American music got its start. Most Jamaican dancehall music is fundamentally not “live” anyway — the beats are constructed from samples and often reused by many different artists. There are plenty of venues for live reggae in the city, but in terms of recreating a Caribbean party or parade in DC there’s not much you could do that could be more authentic than a bunch of giant, flat bed mounted boom boxes. As for the lack of dancing, I guess all I can say is DIY or bust.

  • I was in the mudmass last year and had a blast. It cost $40 to participate, and it was worth it. I won’t be in the mud this year, I’ll just be watching and eating jerk chicken down at the bottom the the parade.

    Good times

  • Interesting, the city just spent A LOT of money fixing up Banneker Park. Curious to see how much more taxpayer money will be used to fix it after the festival as Graham already puts aside about $250,000 a year for the festivals non-profit organizer. And then all the announcers did last year was mockingly use their white voices to ridicule Obama’s opponents. I guess different rules for different folks!

    Like the festival, just don’t like wasteful and/or hypocritical spending…especially in todays economy.

  • Am I the only who hates this thing?

  • No you’re not SingLikeSassy. Every year my wife and I spend the day out of town.

  • I really don’t like it much either. And every year my husband says why don’t they send this down to the Mall? Last year, I had to show my driver’s license to be able to get into my street and go home after grocery shopping, as my small side street, perdendicular to Georgia, was closed.

  • Why are some people are so extreme?

    “TobyDC Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 1:23 pm
    No you’re not SingLikeSassy. Every year my wife and I spend the day out of town.”

    btw ‘In Petworth’ you cannot have a Parade on the Mall.

    They tried to have the parade downtown (Constitution Avenue ??) 3 or 4 years ago. They (the Capital Police I believe) did not allow them to keep the streets closed long enough so it did not work well. I say you watch the Parade early on the route to see the costumes and dancing etc. At the end it gets a little disorganized, the marchers are tired and many have enjoyed a glass or two of rum punch. Go to Sweet Mango Cafe (jerk) and/or Brown’s Caribbean Bakery (patties) for grub and have a good time.
    I agree w/ ANONYMOUS I do not want to see them mess up the newly renovated park.

  • “I spend the day out of town” is not extreme. Extreme would be I hate this sh** and they better friggin take it out of my neighborhood. NO ONE HAS SAID THAT.

  • So I’m “extreme” for not enjoying the sight of about 6 or 7 guys urinating in the parking lot behind my house. Oh – I’m not even going to mention the +250 lb woman doing NUMBER 2 back there. Oops I mentioned it….

  • @TobyTX
    Can you tell me the address of your house so I can come by and Urinate on the back door. You WMF are always trying to tell everyone what to do. You don’t own the District. Stop acting like a little girl.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    C’mon now let’s be civil. It’s a parade is some folks don’t like it that’s fine. I know tons of folks leave New Orleans during Mardi Gras. That’s ok. I happen to like parades. But it’s cool if we have differences. We don’t need to personally insult people everyday. We are better than this. Thanks.

  • I went to the parade last year and I completely enjoyed it, it was a highlight for me and I still remember it dearly. Words cannot describe the closeness and happiness of the Caribbean, right here in DC, it felt like home. I do not understand some people here though, some folks complain that there is NOTHING going on in Petworth/Georgia Avenue, but when there is finally SOMETHING to do, once a year, then some folks start complaining about parking, street closures et al. That’s OK, there will be more room for us to take it all in and enjoy the warm, genuine smiles of the Caribe…..


  • Prince Of Petworth – I really like what you do and you are a class act. I would like to point out Mardi Gras involves several parades over a week(+) and thousands of visitors. The whole city is involved. Petworth is effected for one afternoon and once the parade passes you can hardly tell anything took place.

    1 Going on the Mall, Downtown or to Adams Morgan during the parade OK, sure. It is
    extreme, to actually leave town.

    2 I am calling BS on this –

    “Oh – I’m not even going to mention the +250 lb woman doing NUMBER 2 back there.
    Oops I mentioned it….”

    3. If it is THAT bad during the parade then it is GOOD idea to leave town with your
    property unmonitored.

    “I spend the day out of town” is not extreme. Extreme would be I hate this sh** and they better friggin take it out of my neighborhood. NO ONE HAS SAID THAT.

    You said it now – no matter I respect honesty. BTW it is not YOUR neighborhood we all share it!

  • I was in my high school marching band, so I HATE parades… but I like this one. It’s about as well organized as a pee-wee soccer match, no one is taking it that seriously, and there is no point whatsoever. I’ve been in town since the last millennia, and frankly, they’ve toned it down. The trucks used to stack the speakers waaayyy higher. I live a tenth of a mile from George, and the *house* used to shake. Now the windows just rattle.

  • Anyone know yet if they are going to have the street blocked with fences so you have to stay on the sidewalk and cant run behind the band?

  • Last year there were no barricades….

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