A Pretty Unique Memorial

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I saw this near Embassy Row on Mass Ave. I’ve never seen one like this before. Do you think it looks good?

I know I can google it but does anyone know offhand – who these folks are?


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  • In 1976, agents of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet detonated a car bomb that killed former Chilean diplomat and director of the Institute for Policy Studies’ Transnational Institute, Orlando Letelier, and IPS development associate, Ronni Karpen Moffitt on Sheridan Circle (where the monument is located). Every year, IPS has a ceremony honoring their fallen comrades and honoring those making strides in the area of human rights (at which I have spoken on numerous occasions, as Ronni was my mother’s first cousin). My middle name was given to me in Ronni’s honor.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Holy cow. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing Gavin.

  • Just to add — Letelier was a very high profile figure in the prior government of Salvador Allende, where he had been an ambassador to the US as well as other roles. The fact that he went to DC to work with allies against Pinochet’s illegal regime was a big threat to Pinochet, enough so that he arranged his assassination. Pinochet did the same to have Carlos Prats, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army, killed in Buenos Aires in 1974.

    I’ve head it said that Letelier’s killing was the greatest act of international terrorism on U.S. soil up until that time.

  • Yes and the CIA was involved in a way, Operacion Condor was the fascists operation name and they were going to kill Ed Koch of New York fame as well, thats when the CIA collaboration ended.

  • I knew Letelier’s nephew back in the day – his father (who IIRC was actually Letelier’s brother-in-law) was also an important member of teh Allende government who happened to be in the US when Pinochet took power, so the family was stuck in exile here. After the assassination his family had to go into hiding, and still blamed the act on the first President Bush, who was head of the CIA at the time and the family believed he allowed the assassins into thec ountry.

  • I vaguely remember reading in an intl. law class that there was also a pretty large case in the US Court of Appeals following this where Letelier’s survivors and the USG basically tried (and succeeded, I believe) to get financial compensation for the plaintiffs, but couldn’t formally throught the Govt. of Chile, so they went after Chile’s govt. owned national Airline, LAN Chile, for their role in the bombing (I believe the bomb was carried by a LAN plane from Sanitago to the US). Because the government of Chile could not be held accountable because of Presidential Immunity (Pinochet), they went after the national airline instead, which had financial interests in the US. That’s all I remember.

  • I was a friend of a friend of Letelier, and when I first heard of the explosion I was afraid she had been killed. There’s an excellent book on the subject you may be able to find at Second Story, I believe the title was Assassination on Embassy Row/

  • The assassination of Letilier by foreign agents defiled DC, but he didn’t need to be here. Letelier was a Marxist supported by the Cuban government. No friend of the US. No tears. Pinochet should have taken his dirty work someplace else.

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