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  • I am sooooo excited!!!!!

  • Wow – this is terrific! Way to go Petworth

  • I really love tomatoes which are not sprayed with toxic chemicals and then are packed and flown here from south america on jets which leave those pretty exhaust lines in the sky.

  • Anon @ 9:38 am,

    a lot of organice produce does come from South America.

    The definition of “organic” is stretch so much that you can even use synthetic fertilizer to grow you product and still call it organic. In some cases organic is just a hype and the product still taste like cardboard.

  • I think someone is confusing organic with locally sustainable. Organic is gear toward people who do not want to ingest chemicals, and these days you need to go to south america to get that. Locally sustainable is considered more green because it does not polute as much.

  • whatever on YOM, but there will be a fish-fry/punk rock show/bike co-op parts trade event next door (4132 Georgia) tomorrow from 11-7!

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