PoPtrekker Vol. 5 – H Street, NE

This episode of PoPtrekker features the H Street, NE Corridor. You can see previous PoPtrekker episodes here. This remains a joint Prince of Petworth/ Intangible Arts production. If you have a suggestion for a future PoPtrekker please email me directly.Just a couple of quick comments. First, there is a strip mall where I mention that it reminds me of one on 13th Street that got torn down. That was an error, of course I was thinking of the Nehemiah Shopping center that got torn down on 14th Street near Chapin. Second, I have to tell my mom – yes, I’m gonna get a haircut soon!

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  • Bravo! BTW, the large condo development mentioned at the very beginning of the tour used to be the Children’s Museum, which is unfortunately relocating to National Harbor in MD, instead of near L’Enfant Plaza as originally planned.

    There’s also another very good coffee bar on H Street NE, near the Atlas Theater called Sova. Here are a couple of photos:

  • That jurisdictions are finally recognizing the failure to control price increases.

  • watching this right now and i live near h street and really like when the area gets publicity, especially for areas that arzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  • Redhawks — kaww!

  • Thanks for the hood love! And, my, PoP, you do an impressive Wally Szczerbiak impression

  • Welcome to my hood. Great video!

  • saf

    I love the Martini Lounge.

    H Street Playhouse is cool too.

    You were pretty close to the Florida Market, and the history of the market is tied to the history of the neighborhood. Maybe a walk through the market for Poptrekker?

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!! You are comimg aroung PoP

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!! You are comimg around

  • I am looking to buy a house, my budget is 350k, I can’t seem to find any thing, any recommendations. Bloomingdale or Petwoth.

  • I think you might have mispronounced Sidamo. I’ve wondered about the pronunciation, and I asked Kenfe, the owner, at one point. I think the emphasis is on the “dah”, like this: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sidamo. Their website is: http://www.sidamocoffeeandtea.com/

    Also, the atlas is: http://www.atlasarts.org/

    You also missed my good friends at Sweets ‘N Treats, the ice cream place at 1360 H St. NE, actross from the Atlas. I would also be a negligent arts and culture blogger if I did not metion the H St Playhouse (which is between the Atlas and the Rock and Roll Hotel in the 1300 block) and does some great plays. It is the current home of the Forum Theater company, but they are moving in the fall. 🙁 We will be sad to lose them.http://www.hstreetplayhouse.com/ http://www.forumtd.org/

    There is also an Italian Water Ice place at 1204 H St NE. And, Spoiled Rotten Kids, the kiddi spa, just moved down to 1012 H St. NE: http://www.spoiledrottenboutiqueandspa.com/

    And you didn’t get a shot of the sign that says “wigs, hat, and”. That’s my favorite sign in DC!

    Again though, a fantastic video. thanks for giving us a visit!

  • Blaw: Redfin.com I see 4 houses under 400 in Bloomingdale, more than that near Sherman Circle. Anything under 400 could be available for 350 these days.

  • Good tour but you missed 2 wonderful places on H Street. NAPA 1015 is a great restaurant and is located at 1015 H Street and an incredible Philly Style sandwich shop at 1116 H Street called Taylor’s, one review recently stated that they have the best sandwiches in the city and I agree!!

  • Oooops, I hit submit before I watched the end of the video, you did see Taylor’s sadwhich shop and it looks as if you’ve already sampled it’s food. Next time stop in NAPA 1015 for dinner, you’ll love it!!

  • “O frabjous video! Callooh, Callay!”

    They chortled, in their joy for their neighborhood!

  • cool, thanks for coming out to h st

    i second the comments about missing sweets-n-treats, philadelphia water ice and spoiled rotten. there are some other random chain store type stuff on the street too, but that’s not really worth noting since you could see those anywhere.

  • I think it’s fair to be critical that you didn’t cover a single african american owned establishment on H St. NE. A little racist, no ? Not one single african american owned business made you’re little video. And what, 85% of the businesses on H St., NE are african american owned.

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