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U Street Cafe, formerly Mocha Hut, located on U Street between 13th and 14th will have its grand opening Tuesday, May 26th. I had a chance to talk with some of the folks behind the new cafe and I think you’ll be pretty happy. One of the the VP for Operations, Elise, told me that waffles will continue to be offered! The menu will also be expanded. In addition to the waffles there will also be 4-5 fresh soups, quiches, salads, pulled pork sandwiches and more. If you really like the food there will be a grab and go option of freshly made sandwiches. Their bread will be provided by Firehook bakery and the bagels will be provided by Bethesda Bagel.

There will be plenty of coffee options as well as a bigger selection of loose teas. Their coffee roaster is Orinoca located in Columbia, MD. In addition to tea and coffee there will also be a limited selection of beer and wine.

Occupancy inside will be 50 while there will also be four tables located on the patio.

They will still be offering free wifi and the space will be children/family friendly.

Grand opening is Tuesday May 26th at 6:30 am. Regular hours will be 6:30am – 8pm Mon. – Thurs, 6:30 – 11pm Fri., 7am – 11pm Sat., and 8am – 9pm on Sun.

As many folks know these are the same folks opening up a spot in Columbia Heights on Irving Street. That space is slated to open in late July/early August.


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  • alrighty! now, could you get the inside scoop on the sign in that last photo? why does dee hunter still have a “running for council” sign up months after he was crushed…

  • while i’m glad this wont be another empty storefront, i must admit that i’m a bit disappointed by how uninspired the decor and concept is. my two cents.

  • I love Bethesda Bagels!!! I’m so excited that I can get them here now!!

  • What’s “inspired” decor? Jackelopes? Taxidermy squirrels? A stuffed chimp in a cowboy outfit?

  • Soup, Salad, and Sandwiches?

    We need another AuBonCosiCornerMarvelousPotBelly?

    What’s wrong with these people?

  • Otay!!! ‘nother cool place for lunch/breakfast/sittinaroundwlaptop!! gonna go fr lunch. wot did that soup sign say, “roasted vegetable & chicken noodle soup”? is that one or two kinds? gee. maybe they cn offer a half’nhalf–some of each in one bowl?? also, do they take volunteers? will work for soup….

  • I am curious to know why Mocha Hut couldn’t make it in such a good location.

  • Nate, my guess is that their slower than molasses service did not help….but also, retail seems to have a tough time in the Ellington for some reason

  • There was plenty of biz at the U St Mocha… maybe too much for the indifferent staff. Perhaps the owner decided running a coffee shop just ain’t that much fun. The erstwhile 14th St Mocha Hut (now Highlands) is about the same, except service is vastly improved.

  • The photos confirm what my glances in the windows suggested: the interior is essentially unchanged from Mocha Hut’s. Good to hear the waffles will still be offered — we have missed these since Mocha Hut’s unexpected closure. Also looking forward to the availability of Bethesda Bagels — these are good bagels, which have been hard to come by in the Dupont/Logan/U Street areas for years.

  • Went there today — food was good…service quick…will be a regular…

  • To be fair, there isn’t an AuBonCosiCornerMarvelousPotBelly in that neighborhood. Which brings me back to my sometimes unpopular but always correct call for a Five Guys, Chipotle or Moby Dick on U street. There are plenty of empty storefronts and the food would sell like hot cakes! If a local businessperson would like to do an “independent” version of any of these that would be cool too, but the carry out options just aren’t great around there. Oh, and can someone reopen Cue Bar please? Nothing needs to be changed there either.

  • I’ll just call it Vanilla Hut.

  • why are the people who open spot on U street so uncreative with the names? Aint this like the third spot in a 100 foot area with U in hte name?. . pulled pork? what the hell is that. . lol. .must be how you get swine flu. . my questions is what’s up with the mocha hut home fries?

    It’s also funny how many people are complaining about service, but every single time i went to mocha hut i was greeted with a smile and a kind word. . service was “slow” cause some many people were in line for one register. . why you ask? cause the food was GOOD!. . this spot looks crazy stale and uninteresting. . black and white photos and soup. . original. .

  • Just give me consistent coffee, food and service and I will be happy. This place is off to a good start. They seem to have a lot of stuff, the place is clean, they have 2 registers and lots of employees. I, for one, will be a customer!

  • Forget the waffles…bring back that yummy, artery clogging, cheese laden polenta (aka “The Tuscan”)

  • I think it looks cool…a much better option to Starbucks. BTW, pulled pork sandwiches are barbeque pork sandwiches. And they have a liquor license for beer and wine! Bring it!

  • Vanilla Hut LOL

    Funny, but true. Crackas comin to a hood near you!!!!

  • Mocha Hut’s espresso drinks were pretty awful. If the new proprietors have improved upon them, I will be a regular.

  • carry out options just aren’t great around there.

    You need to try The Greek Spot on 11th Street. Some of the best gyros around, and since the owner’s a vegetarian, their meatless options are excellent.

  • Went there this morning, smiley service, but runny egg sandwiches and wrong orders (a vegetarian got an unwelcome bacon egg sandwich argh!!!), made for a “I ain’t ever going there again!” experience. Coffee sucked too. Definitely Vanilla Hut!

  • does anyone know why mocha hut closed in the first place? Does this new place have the same awesome home fries?

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