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  • nice!

  • I love the Vignette!

  • if only that castle came with a moat….

  • I just discovered the glory of H St NE this week. I went to Dr. Granville Moore’s, a great Belgian beer tavern. It was pretty pricey but well worth it! I plan to visit the area more frequently from here on.

  • The Argonaut on H is a great place too. Good food, but the place had a much cooler, neighborhood-y vibe before they went upscale. Now it’s all yuppies and their screaming kids.

  • Just returned from one of my several-times-weekly trips to Argo. @Anon 3:11 – most people in the neighborhood (including me) actually LIKE that people can bring their kids to the dining room during meal hours – which doesn’t at all disturb those of us drinking downstairs or upstairs in the bar. And the Argo is by no means “upscale.” Unless you consider above average bar food and an above average beer list upscale, which to me seems like you may have simply lowered your own standards. The Argonaut is one of only a few spots that have successfully bridged the gap for those of us who love our booze and those with families looking for a low key meal out.

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