Next PoP Clean Up May 30th!

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And this one is going to be even better than the first. We will be partnering with NCHCA. We will be cleaning in Columbia Heights this month (Mt. Pleasant in June). We plan on meeting at 10am and a meet up spot will be determined. So mark your calenders for Sat. May 30th 10am! Let’s represent, yeah? It’d be great to have the PoP contingent contribute 50 volunteers. I think we can do it.

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  • I note that this will also mark, as part of this effort, a clean-up and organizational meeting for a group dedicated to maintaining and improving the de facto dog park at 11th and Park Road

  • i’m there…

  • Based on my walk to the metro this morning, this cleanup can’t come soon enough!

  • Unfortunately, New Hampshire ave. is trashed again from Grant Circle to the Metro ;( I can’t believe how people can live surrounded by garbage!?

  • i’ll be there. i was at the petworth clean up and had a great time and i think we could get even more people in the future since that was just the first! i know this blog and audience reaches beyond petworth, but what about doing more petworth clean-ups? i know many other neighborhoods need help, but as a petworth resident, i really want to focus here. is there any interest in that?

  • When will the Tivoli North cleanup be?

  • new hampy – I second your interest in cleaning up Petworth again, I missed the last one and there’s so much more cleaning to do in Petworth. Besides, the better Petworth looks to everyone, the better PoP looks to everyone.

  • In addition to these monthly cleanup I would be up for doing more petworth clean-ups. Especially if we target all areas of Petworth.

  • I would participate in more Petworth clean ups – definitely!

  • Speaking of litter…

    Has anyone been to the school yard at 7th & Webster recently? The location has become a lively spot for weekend and evening soccer games….a good thing in my opinion. Unfortunately, the soccer players are not at all up to speed on the use of trash cans. The place is a total mess.

  • I’m so sad I’ll be missing this one – i’d rather be picking up trash than getting on an 18 hour flight!!! I’m totally in for June, though, and would be happy to join

  • people who are talkign about petworth cleanups – might i suggest that you can carry these out on a limited extent on your own? i know I do a little ledroit park cleanup of 2nd street between elm and U at least weekly…

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