New Yoga Studio Coming to Mt. Pleasant!

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Well this is very cool news. The studio, Past Tense, will open up in June at 3253 Mt. Pleasant St.

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The studio is the brain child of freelance author Kelly DiNardo.

Great news for Mt. Pleasant! I’ll be sure to update with class schedules, prices and the grand opening date as the news becomes available.

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  • This is great news, if only because it’s not another 99-cent store or bodega.

  • this is great news. anyone know which store front that address is or what its next to?

  • So exciting!!!!

  • I believe it’s that corner building that Habitat Realty occupies.

  • Awesome. But crap, just as I’m leaving the neighborhood after 6 years. Adieu.

  • Yes, it’s the building on the SE corner of Park and Mount Pleasant, where Habitat Realty is located. Habitat has moved upstairs and the studio is going to be on the street level.

  • They better have curtains or tinted windows or the drunks that hang in front of the liquor store are just going to migrate over and watch the yoga ladies all day. >

  • So exciting! I’m thrilled that there will finally be a studio in Mt. Pleasant. Perfect location too,

  • So cool!! Can’t wait to check it out!!!

  • After an inital buzz, we’re feeling fairly deflated about the new studio after we checked out their website.

    Their new “promotional” rate is $100 for the first month and the “discounted” rate is $109/mo.! Seriously? This is like $20 more per month than all of the other studios in the area.

    With try hard names like “virgin yoga” for beginners they explained – yawn haven’t we heard that before somewhere?! – and prices like that, it would seem that the new owners have not done their home on the type of customers live in Mt. Pleasant. Tut! Tut!

    But where is the true yogi spirit? The free community classes (one park session as a photo op does not count), the classes in Spanish, the $5 class, the pay-what-you-can class…

    Bad karma and the doors haven’t yet opened.

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