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Fogo de Chao is located at 1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Here’s another place that I hear people raving about it. I know it’s a Brazilian steakhouse, with many locations, and that you can do an all you can eat deal. So is the steak that good or is it the all you can eat deal that people love so much?

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  • Gimmicky expense account food, but if you’re in the mood for all-you-can-eat meat, this is the place. Compared to some of the other steakhouses, their servers are knowledgeable and prompt without being intrusive. For a chain restaurant, it’s actually pretty good.

  • I’ve tried to eat my money’s worth, but I don’t know if it’s truly possible to think that you’ve “gotten over” on em.

  • Lots and lots of meat – wall walking around the room on skewers. You just have to point and they’ll fill your plate.

    My favorite in this restaurant is the Brazilian national drink (below). After my first visit, I just had to buy some Cachaça to make a batch.

    Caipirinha: This is the most famous drink from Brazil and considered the national cocktail. Made with cachaça**, sugar and lime juice, it can either be a refreshing cocktail or a strong one that might leave you regretting your purchase.

    ** Cachaça: The national liquor of Brazil, it is made from distilled sugar cane. Very similar to rum, you can either purchase it aged or unaged, white or gold. Aged cachaça which is considered superior and is generally sipped on its own, can very in flavor, depending on the type of wood used for the barrels. Many different local trees are used in different regions and by different manufacturers.

  • Go on Restaurant Week for lunch, $20 will be very well spent!

  • This place is amazing

  • Blah. Salty meat and servers who are extremely interested in overfilling wine glasses (because then you’ll have an empty bottle and need to order another one). The service seems to run on a canned script, which I guess is just the mark of a chain. In and out way too fast for the $$ you spend.

    I’d rather allocate my ‘fancy meal’ dollars to any one of about 50 other places downtown.

  • $50 for a solid meat coma is completely fair. Salty and awesome.

  • Oh man, unlimited meat on a stick! I gotta say though, I’ve only been on the company’s dime, which made it a much more pleasureable experience than if I was paying. Total food coma afterwards, in a wonderful way.

  • Fantastic.

    Probably wouldn’t be popular with the Sticky Fingers crowd tho.

  • Crazy good salad bar…unfortuntately I filled up on just that, no meat! But no coma, either.

  • Went once, on my dime, recently and it was one of those “now that you’ve done it, you never have to do it again” kinda deals. It was fun to just be constantly offered meat from all sides, carved off of big swords. But it’s real damn expensive.

  • Salad bar was blah. Steak can’t hold a candle to Charlie Palmer’s.

  • Better deal if you can go for lunch (and then take the afternoon off) rather than dinner. Almost the same deal but for much less $$$.

  • great on the company’s dime, not on your own

  • Meat is dry. Salt is not seasoning. It clokes bad meat. Remember that.

  • b-b-b-b-b-b-ballin!

    fillet wrapped in bacon? how can you go wrong?

  • I’ve been many time, both on the company dime and my own, and in a couple different cities. My reactions were as follows:

    First time: amazing.
    Second time: still pretty good.
    Third time: novelty was wearing off.
    Fourth (and subsequent times): why did I do that to myself? I am sweating meat.

    The salad bar is amazing and I would go for a salad-only option. The complimentary sides — polenta, plantains, and cheesy breads I’d stab your mother for — are likewise amazing. There are 13 or so types of meats on skewers, including steak wrapped in bacon, but frankly I find the meat the least compelling part of eating there.

    It doesn’t pretend to offer Charlie Palmer’s/The Palm/Morton’s-level red meat, and it can’t, but the meat is still pretty damn good. It’s an exercise in higher-end gluttony, and the dining experience is much more fun in a large group (the same way that eating contests and gluttony worked so well at your high school lunch table and not as well when it’s just you and your wife at home). I particularly recommend this place for bachelor parties and/or recruiting students (if that still happens anymore) to entry-level positions. It’s not a good date option, depending on what you’re looking for in a mate and things you’d probably prefer not to know.

  • BTW, I think you ONLY can do all-you-can-eat — there’s no separate a la carte menu. $30 for lunch and $50 for dinner, more or less. Exactly the same thing at any time.

  • Fine dining for non-majors. Expensive chain. Food’s not bad per se, but the corporate restaurant experience leaves much to be desired.

  • Love it.
    Lunch is always better because it’s always cheaper, but exactly the same menu, that is if you want to have a big lunch

  • Love it. Love it. Tons of meat and it’s really good meat too. Skip the “salad bar”. It’s just FILLER! Save room for meat. Mmmm.

  • Fogo De Chao is great. Total food coma, but in a good way. I love that place. The meat is salty, but I still love it. The salad bar alone is worth the trip.

  • i grew up in brasil. even the fogo de chao in brasil is great – by brasilian standards.

    it’s only a novelty if you’ve never been to a country where it’s commonplace.

    some of you folks need to get out more and spread those neurons you likely claim you have in your so called noggin.


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