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I think Saf mentioned in the comments that you can get a mean potato knish here. Very good to know. Cafe Mozart is located at 1331 H Street, NW. And it is also apparently a German deli. But most important to me – how is the schnitzel?

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  • Consistently good German food. Not outstanding, but there are no outstanding German restaurants in DC. I’d give a marginally higher nod to Cafe Berlin on the Hill. They’ve got a good schnitzel and a pretty broad menu. Worst would be Old Europe, which has been going downhill for years. The food is better at Blob’s Park and they’re a friggin beer garden in the middle of nowhere.

  • Cafe Mozart is a favorite of my German ex-patriate friend Klaus. Blob’s Park is fun for a brief interlude — Very high decibel.

  • The no-frills atmosphere of Cafe Mozart is pretty outstanding.

  • Do they have knoephla?

  • saf

    I dunno about the schnitzel. The sausages are pretty good though. I especially love the venison brat. I’ll also note that the potato pancakes are, in my opinion, too thick and doughy.

    The pastries are good, as is the deli selection and the candy selection.

  • My friends and I love this place, but we undoubtedly eat and drink too much when we come here. The schnitzel is great, especially love the chicken. The staff is friendly and patient with us – did I mention we drink too much here? 😉

    Yay to the Mozart!

  • I have given it a chance three times in 2 years and it just hasn’t been good. It is too expensive – 16$ for a beers and 30$ for jaegershnitzel is in INSANE! Be sure you like hanging out there for a few hours. It took 30 minutes for someone to take our order and close to two hours for our meal to arrive. There were only 4 other people in the restaurant. I have heard that back in the day (5-10 years ago) this place this was great.
    To answer the question at hand, the schnitzel was good.

  • do they have gehachtes (spelling is way off there)(pork tar tar basically)?

  • @Sully: yeah, it’s $16 for a beer, but that’s a liter (or is it “litre” at a German place?), so it’s really more like 3 12 oz. beers. Three delicious, delicious 12 oz. beers. Also, I think they’re like $12 during happy hour, though I could be wrong on that.

    Food is decent, but nothing to write home about.

  • I bought a cake here a few months ago and it was amazingly good.

  • I used to go to the deli at Mozart for lunch. You can get an amazingly large chicken salad sandwich for $4. It was my go-to option until my office moved — definitely the best value lunch downtown, way better than Potbelly.

  • I’m a big fan. The sausages are really good and the trick is that if you order to-go from the deli in front, you get the same food as in the restaurant, but at half price.

    Their german potato salad is really good too.

  • It’s kind of a strange place because you have to pass through the deli and then the bar to get to the restaurant and the restaurant doesn’t have any windows. That being said, it’s nice to sit in the bar with a beer bigger than your head, listening to accordian music and eating sausages (they have live accordian music some days of the week).

  • @monkeyrotica — I agree completely with your assessment of German restaurants in DC. I loathe Old World but enjoy both Cafe Mozart and Cafe Berlin. Still haven’t found that perfect German place in the DC area though.

  • Its been a few years since I was last at Cafe Mozart, but I did have the weiner schnitzel when I was there and it was exactly how I envision a classic schnitzel would be. Light, flaky, and tender. Not dry or tough. As I recall it was VERY lightly seasoned (or perhaps not at all), which really left the lemon as the only thing highlighting it.

  • Luuuuuv Cafe Mozart. Can be pricey, but it’s the real deal.

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