Judging Buildings – Belmont Street


Crap, I didn’t get the name of this building but it is located across the street from today’s ‘Good Deal or Not?’ on Belmont Street. I think the building itself is nice if not spectacular. But what is spectacular is the view:


I’d imagine every unit on the backside has an incredible view. All great spots for a morning cup of coffee… What do you think of the building itself?

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  • I think that is called City Overlook at 1454 Belmont NW, designed by Norman Smith Architecture. I’m not 100% certain.

  • It has a fab view of the city, incredible, completely unobstructed. And put me in as a fan, I dig it especially in contrast the the rest of the block.

  • I’ve been inside. The view was truly incredible, and the whole south-facing wall was glass. In an odd twist, the guest bedroom/office didn’t have a door – the entry was just a gap in the wall. If you like sunshine, this would be a great place to live.

  • Does anyone know what these places went for?

  • The elevation facing south is what one would expect to maximize views from the apartments. But the elevation facing Belmont St. is dull, dull, dull — international style architecture as its most mundane.

  • The view from inside this building is pretty amazing, as OldHouseLover notes. The unit I was in had a loft, so the living room (and glass wall) was double height. I happened to be visiting a friend there a few years ago during one of our rare snowstorms – you could see across all the rooftops straight down to the Washington Monument. Spectacular!

    That said, it seems most of the thought went into the living room and that view. Then loft, bedroom/den without windows, and a galley kitchen which was basically stuck on one side of the hallway leading from the front door to the living room. Also, with all that southern light you’d better not have any artwork or furniture you want to keep from fading.

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