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DSCN8963, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This house was super wild because it was the only house on a commercial strip. Literally the only one. I’ve never seen this before. It’d be like all of a sudden if there was a house in the middle of U Street between 13th and 14th… (From Brookland).

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  • That’s the Brookland Bed & Breakfast.

    Further down on the other side of the street is The Brookland Inn.

  • Wow, the reviews of the B&B are impressive in their universal badness.

  • I tried to find a more neutral site to link here, but the B&B’s original site seems to be inactive. But bad reviews crack me up.

    When I lived in the northern part of Brookland I used to walk past the B&B to get home, and there’d be this tall bush there that constantly startled me because from the corner of my eye it looked like some random guy hanging out by the fence. From the photo PoP posted it looks as if they’ve finally cut it down!

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