Good Deal or Not? “Lovely Foyer” Edition


This home is located at 1224 W Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Great townhouse in the Harrison Square Development. Has a lovely foyer and a bedroom on the main level with access to the one car garage. The upper level has a very open floor plan that includes the living room w/ fireplace and built-ins off the large balcony, a formal dining area and the new gourmet kitchen and powder room. The upper level has two wonderful bedrooms with full baths and laundry.”

More info and a virtual tour found here.

I’m interested to hear what you think about this one as it is a “newer” construction. Does $709,000 seem reasonable?

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  • I bet this sells for more in a serious bidding war. Awesome place, and seems quite underpriced.

  • yeah if that goes for $709K i am worried about my house!

  • Extremely good deal, it looks like to me. I imagine it goes for more.

    Not digging the vertical blinds on the sliders, or the venetian blinds everywhere else, but that’s peanuts. They packed an amazing amount of storage into that kitchen.

    It doesn’t seem right that the ‘community’ listed is Columbia Heights. It is too far south to be CH, and such a label doesn’t do the location justice.

  • WTF? Since when did SOUTH of Cardozo High School and two blocks north of U Street become “Columbia Heights?”

    Unless things have changed substantially in the last few years, that stretch of 12th Place has at least one family that deals drugs. Not saying they’re violent, but some of the “granchilluns” have been know to slash whitey’s tires come summertime. I’d check the crime reports thoroughly before putting $700k down for a place.

  • Seems like an OK deal, but is the outdoor space really worth while – to gaze upon your neighbors’ garages? And its amazing how quickly a nice kitchen can appear outdated.

  • yeah it is definitely not columbia heights. just another example of trying to make a house seem closer to the new Target complex than it actually is. its overpriced to me for that location and size, ive seen similar row houses for much less in that same area.

  • OMG that development is ugly. Nothing like super cheap new construction designed to look like historic buildings…..

  • Definitely a good deal. If it wasn’t for the neighbors all along the back, it’d go for much more. I was looking to buy in the U street area last fall (ended up signing a 1 year rental lease b/c I couldn’t find the right place in time) and for 3 stories, this is a steal! The view at the back lowers this to just a good deal, though. LOL to DcFamily, cuz I was specifically NOT looking in the Columbia Heights area because of DCUSA! I don’t know what the realtor is thinking labelling this as Columbia Heights. Its not the proper designation and U street is so much more interesting IMO.

  • This Harrison Square development was one of the first revitalization efforts in the U street area. I’d say it really helped usher in what we see on U street today. The choice to add garages looks strange today, but it probably helped the place sell out back when they were being constructed in what used to be a pretty unsafe neighborhood.

    For what its worth, I’ve lived on that stretch of 12th Place north of this place for about 2 years, and I haven’t seen the drug dealers that Monkey is referring to. They must have moved out after he/she left the area and before I moved in. Or they’ve toned down their presence, cleaned up their act, or whatever. No tire slashings either.

  • If I recall, Harrison Square was not developed as “luxury” housing. Donatelli acquired the property in ’98 (the old Children’s Hospital site), well before the U Street area transformed into what it is today. They’ve become hot properties, but didn’t start out that way. And given how it could have turned out, I think the development is tastefully done.

    @monkey: We sold our place on the 2200 block of 12th Street a couple years ago. At that time, 12th Place had already transformed into a relatively quiet, quaint block. I used to get the scoop from the old-timers in the neighborhood about how bad 12th Place used to be, including the running battles with kids on 12th Street.

    Interesting note: our new location in Petworth is about the same distance from the Metro as we were off of U Street. And despite the downward trend of the economy, we’re seeing a lot changes in our current neighborhood similar to those that we saw around U Street not too long ago.

  • @Monkeyrotica: You scuttled away to your mini McMansion in the burbs a long time ago my friend, if you think you can buy drugs in Harrison Square! Please no more lobbing potshots on what is a great neighborhood from the safety of the Commonwealth …

  • yeah what’s the story with this suburban dude spouting vaguely racist innuendo about crime on specific city blocks committed by specific people? sometimes your funny monkeyrotica, but people thinking of moving to the city read this blog, and given everything else we’re dealing with we don’t need some self-important jerk from the suburbs calling african american youth drug-dealing “granchilluns.” go back to reading the Frontgate catalog.

  • Well, I’m certainly heartened to see that my exit from beautiful Shaw has ushered in a new era of drug-free living for Harrison Square residents! At this rate, my retirement to Guam should create the most gay-friendly Alexandria the Nation will ever see! Such is the way with faulty syllogisms.

    Maybe if I f**king shoot myself, the rainbow-farting unicorns will again return to Old City II and it will again be safe to consume Jumbo Slices on 18th Street! Stay tuned!

  • @ eric in ledroit – What do you call african american youth who deal drugs?

  • @monkeyerotica6:02:

    I call them ‘drug dealers’. Their race is irrelevant. Their family relations are irrelevant. Their pronunciation is irrelevant.

  • good deal. it’s not a huge house, and there’s no outdoor space to speak of, but a nice location with good Metro access and close to U Street, a decent renovation, and off-street parking. i applaud the sensible decision to go with the built-ins in the living room to free up the floor.

    and every block in most of DC likely has had a family with a dealer at some point. no one’s hiding the ball by saying anything other than that many in columbia heights still do have a resident dealer. it’s pretty inane to start playing “back in the day” games and CYA by prefacing it with “unless things have changed substantially.” guess what? they have! especially right around this place.

  • @ not telling – Fair enough. My apologies to anyone who was offended by my characterization of said drug dealers. But the fact remains that A LOT of these dealers got where they are because dad is out of the picture/unknown and mom is barely trying to scrape by/totally out of it. So it’s left to grandma to try and keep things together. You may move the dealers further east, but the problem remains. The reason why the current administration does little to remedy the situation is the reason I’m no longer a part of that community. And it’s the reason why some people dread the coming of summer and the inevitable rise in such behavior.

  • Is Bernie Madoff worse than the small time dealers who used to be in the “Hood” stop picking on the dealers, I went to Harvard, and a lot of rich kids- Asian, Black, White et..all. smoked and smoked than snorted. Stop picking on certain people. As you can tell , the dealers did not steal from my 401k, Bernie did.
    I am on my way back in to dc, Anonymous Says, I should not bring my gun from GA, worry about the crime and the housing prices, I will buy a house for 500k and I will hold my nose. I love the district, it has come a long way since MB– I received my first summer job from MB. Then Prat “failure” Dickson cut my summer position before I went off to college. I can’t even use my CW in DC. I don’t intend to discard my Glock when I return to Bloomingdale or NoMa or Petworth. Hey what happen to the Baskins Robbins on CH 18th street.

  • @monkeyrotica I call them african american youth who deal drugs. i’m not denying there are problems around here but your smug generalizations from across the river have gotten really tiresome dude. you are much too proud of your “edgy” “wit.”

    and again to sit there in virginia posting in a thread quite possibly read by potential buyers of this property and give apparently credible warnings that they risk getting their tires slashed by ractist drug dealers who hate white folks if they buy this property is really out of line. here’s hoping some of NoVA’s MS-13 gangsters decide they need your car stereo (or laptop) – it would serve you sooo right.

  • eric (I can call you eric, can’t I? I feel we connected there for a moment.) I was describing a situation I lived in circa 2004 and which was an ongoing concern of 12th Place residents for several decades. Slashed tires, busted windows, rocks thrown by punk ass kids. Again, consensus is that the the dealer family is gone from 12th Street. Good riddance.

    And again I make the point: WTF does it matter where you live? Why do people need to validate their own choice of residence based on denigrating someone else’s? You live where you choose to live because that’s where you belong at the time. How many here still live with their parents? Not many, because as much as you feel fondness with your hometown, for most, it’s not where you belong now. People and places change, for good and ill. As someone who was born and lived most of his adult life in DC, I’ve seen this process occur in all four quadrants of DC (and PG County, and Baltimore, and Montgomery County). Are you saying the experience of a lifelong DC resident is irrelevant? Condos, overpriced coffee, and charcuterie don’t get rid of the scum, any more than freeways and mcmansions make a home. It just moves those problems someplace further out.

    The point of blogs in general is the exchange of information first, and the venting of pointless spleen second. The first has been accomplished: anyone reading this thread should feel safe enough to buy on this block (and know that it isn’t f**king “Columbia Heights.”) The second by this exchange.

    Also, MS13 isn’t that active in Alexandria. They’re more a Fairfax/Montgomery County thing, but thanks for your concern for my well being.

  • thanks for the civil reaction, ME (can I call you that? I keep mispelling monkyrotika). And sorry if I got a little heated and personal. i apologize.

    It matters where you live because it IS tough to deal with a lot of this shit sometimes and frankly it’s very personal when someone is being snide in making comments about how bad a neighborhood you live in is when you work like hell to make it better and that person is trying to be funny but potentially affecting real estate values and peoples’ perceptions of safety. especially when your snide comments are offered from the safety of your location in alexandria (which IS very safe – your name is on your cox blog’s address, i googled your house and yes that is a very nice area of the type that I can easily see myself living in someday for the exact same reasons as you, unfortunately) and include stereotypically racist overtones I would think a person as (sometimes) witty and thoughtful as yourself can imagine that it grates on people’s nerves.

    that said when i was looking at crime reports of your area and my area (hilariously different by the way, as you said – a wide swath of your area had 2 crimes since january, where the same swath of my area which extended from georgetown to brookland had >500) I checked out the area of montgomery village, MD (MoCo) I grew up in, which was idyllic to the point of ridiculousness when I was growing up there in the 80s, and found that it is now descending into slum status and has had 2 assaults, 3 car thefts, 2 burglaries, and a theft from an auto in a very small subdivision of 200 houses. Crazy how things shift around. But we digress from the consideration of this house near U street.

  • @Monkeyerotica: I guess the point is that you moved out of the neighborhood six years ago. In that six years a lot has changed around here. I understand your heading out to the ‘burbs and not wanting to be part of the solution – that is fine.

    What I find harder to understand is why you are taking the trouble to denigrate particular blocks, putting off potential buyers now, when the fact is you really don’t know what you are talking about. Of course this neighborhood used to have a lot of problems, and it still has a one or two. So does Dupont. But the bureaucrat/crack whores is now far more favorable. So perhaps fond reminiscences of where the baddies used to live should be appropriately caveated…..

  • In future, any fond neighborhood reminiscences involving tire slashings, rock chuckings, and crack whore bureaucrats shall be appropriately caveated with the disclaimer, “Six years ago, my gerbil was violated by a gang of diseased rats. How things have changed! I can now walk my gerbil with impugnity.”

    Also, for instance, back in the day, we used to get $h!tfaced and eat Jumbo Slices and not kill eachother. Apparently, this is no longer the case. Kudos to the Ward One Councilmember for taking bold action to keep DC’s streets free from pizza-induced mayhem.

  • i lived at 13th and w for 3 years between ’97-’00 and never had a problem. 12th place was right behind me and i never noticed a thing. as for the house, not impressed. no yard front or back to hang out. might as well live in a condo except you don’t have the condo fee.

  • Weekly neighborhood boundary reminder. North of Florida Ave is Columbia Heights, south is Shaw. So technically it’s in Shaw, but only by a short block. Honestly, I’m surprised that realtors would be calling it “Columbia Heights” instead of “U Street Corridor” which I’m pretty sure has more cachet and probably gets more dollars per square foot than about anywhere in Columbia Heights.

    That is a great location. I can’t believe anyone would criticize it on sketchiness, that’s the heart of U Street land and is awesome. I know a single white woman who has lived on 12th Place right around the corner for several years and she loves it. It’s a great street, it’s steps from tons of stuff, and she has never had her tires slashed.

  • “Also, for instance, back in the day, we used to get $h!tfaced and eat Jumbo Slices and not kill eachother.”

    Couldn’t let this pass by. Monkey, as far as I’m concerned, “back in the day” there was no Jumbo Slice. The only late-night food was Trio’s where Adams Mill Bar and Grill now stands, and El Padrino across from Safeway for greasy burgers at 3:30 AM.

    But “not kill each other?” Did you actually go to Adams Morgan back in the day? Shit was F*?CKED UP back then. A couple cats kicking each other outside of Jumbo slice is nothing compared to what went down in Adams Morgan ten or fifteen years ago. I saw someone kill a man with a hammer in the alley behind Safeway from when I lived on Lanier Place. I still have pictures of the bloodstains on the concrete and the car that crashed into someone’s back porch. There were homicides weekly at 14th and Park Road. I’ve got ten stories of mayhem from “back in the day” for every one that comes up nowadays. And people freak out about rock throwing and the occasional drug deal gone bad today. What short memories you have.

    I thought you were an old timer. You’ve just outed yourself as a tourist.

  • One of the issued I had with the Harrison Square development was that many of the residents I met seemed out-of-touch with the neighbhorhood and unwilling to have anything to do with the community. It was as if they were trying to create some kind of little gated suburban community off U Street. They set up their own listserv, and banned anyone who wasn’t a resident from participating. I’m sure that’s probably changed, but it highlights a certain isolationist mindset that I don’t think works well in an urban setting.

  • Good deal! When you look at the price of condos in the nearby developments (Union Row, those other new places on 14th (hello banner ad at the top of this page), that italian-sounding place south of U on 12th(i think)) and then consider that you get a complete house in the exact same location (or better b/c its a couple blocks closer to the metro) for about the same price (or less, really, when you start comparing 3br/2.5 bath condos to this place), I think its a no brainer. It’s a little weird that everyone has got the same place and it looks like you have no yard, but compared to a condo (which has the same negatives), this place comes out on top.

    @monkey: give it up. I don’t know what you have against this place or the neighborhood, but move on. You’re just clogging up the message board with stale info (and that this point, info of questionable veracity).

  • Monkeyerotica – your comments may be entertaining at times, but please don’t attempt to infuse your version of “facts” into any discussion. Obviously, every fact you state is wrong. Harrison Square was never a “gated community” and never tried to be one. 12th place running through Harrison Square is actually private property, yet the community has never considered closing it off and it always was and remains a publicly accessibly street connecting Ben Ali Alley to 12th Place between V and W.

    Your comment about the community listserve really shows your ignorance. Yes, it is closed off to members of the developmnet, but that is because it is used for home owners’ association announcements and events as well as association documents. There is no reason for the association to open that up to the general public and really no basis to slight the development for that decision. The Harrison Square listserve is no different from any condo’s or apartment building’s listserve or online community — and there are plenty of those in the city that don’t get called out as being “isolationist.”

    If you can’t tell by now, I am a resident of Harrison Square. As a community, we are very much a part of the U Street neighborhood (proud to be so) and are very involved in the local community.

    From now on, please do us all a favor and limit your “factual” comments about our neighborhoods to your stretch of Alexandria. Thanks.

  • 3 BR house
    + garage
    very small acreage but cute street facade
    reasonable monthly homeowner’s fee
    very hip location

    What I don’t understand is the appeal of the “interior” home. This to me is much better facing the street. My friend moved to the Bishop’s Gate and has no view of the street at all. Her entrance is through a trash alley. But, she feels very safe on the interior side so I guess it’s each to his own

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