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Moojoo Ken, located at 1512 U Street, NW, is closing its doors. From an email:

“We are closing our store. Thank you for your support over the years.”

Very sad news as the owners were super nice folks.


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  • Sad. I hope U Street doesn’t end up with too many empty storefronts…

  • What do you expect when everyone sells expensive crap and pay sky high rents? They can’t all survive.

  • I am sorry Formstone Bar feels this way. Designers and artists are just as worthy of compensation as attorneys and accountants. So…if Mocha Butterfly, Yini Bini, Mae, Sweet Soul, moojoo ken, Venissac, Valerie Dumaine, Glittery Blue, Foxxy Rings, Yayoi Forest, Minna and all of the other creative spirits moojoo ken was honored to host should stumble upon this generalized (“everyone”) rude (“crap”) comment…just ignore it. Heather Dadmanesh, moojoo ken.

  • There was never anything expensive at Moojoo Ken let alone crap. So uncouth to say something like that when people are losing their businesses. Formstone Bar lacks the taste to discern art from crap.

  • I’ve heard that Ken is moving to Minneapolis and will be opening a new store there, but if there’s no market in D.C. for this uber-expensive stuff, then I’m not sure how it’s going to work in Minnesota.

  • To start with, there are three owners at moojooken (I am one of them) and nobody’s name is Ken. Secondly, no one is moving to Minnesota. We are closing because of the economy and that’s that. Lastly, anonymous is clueless because our prices have never, ever been expensive, but even if they were, too bad that anonymous couldn’t afford them…I guess that is why we have Wal-mart and Target.


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