El Paraiso Market on 14th Street To Become a Wine Store From The Owners of Cork

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Metrocurean has the scoop:

“The first floor will hold about 60 percent wine, with the remaining space devoted to a small selection of beer, food and specialty items, including cheese, charcuterie, jams, oils, vinegars, pasta, bread and baked goods. An open kitchen in the back will turn out sandwiches and salads to carry out, as well as some favorites off Cork’s menu — chicken liver pâté, oil-cured roma tomatoes, olives, nuts. “I like to say everything you’d need for a picnic,” says Gross.”

More info at Metrocurean.

I think this is a really interesting development as last we heard back in March this space, at 1805 14th Street NW, was slated to become Blu Lounge & Grill.  Does a wine store and market sound good to you?

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  • There is certainly a need for carry out sandwiches and salads in this area. Besides for Whole Foods a few blocks up, there really aren’t many other quick options.

  • “We’re not building a hoity-toity gourmet shop,” Gross says. Adds Pitts: “This is our neighborhood market.”

    I’m pretty sure that any place that serves charcuterie and pâté is, by definition, hoity-toity. This dilemma can easily be remedied by offering Thunderbird along with the Domaine Billard Père et Fils, Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune Rouge ’07.

  • Forget Thunderbird, how about Cisco? I’ve always wanted to try that stuff and it’s hard to get here in DC.

  • I’m sorry, but as much as the urban hiptards try and push beaujolais nouveau, Thunderbird will always be the National Wine of Greater Swampoodle.

  • What is it with this town and wine? Seems like that’s the only business plan around these days. Sell wine.

  • a couple of years ago it was brewpubs. don’t worry, looks like cocktails are going to be the new wine.

  • Wrong. With all the yuppie hipster breeders, it’s all about the mocktails and preggatinis.

  • Price out the Latinos to sell wine to the rich whites. Lovely.

  • I’m not sure whether anonymous 2:12 is trying to imply that Latinos as a whole are poor people lacking sufficient class to imbibe in wine, or foster guilt in white people, all of whom are apparently rich. Either way, s/he’s obviously never been to Todito Grocery on Columbia Rd., a Latino grocery that has a pretty decent wine selection (especially South American, Spanish, Portuguese and French wines) patronized by both oenophile Latinos and not-so-rich whites.

  • I took 2:12 literally. A Latin market has its rent raised and can’t afford it, and a business moves in that will sell wine, primarily to white affluent yuppies.

  • this is one latino that loves her wine. Never heard of thunderbird but appears to be similar to MD 20/20…oh the good old days drinking MD 20/20 with Matt G on thursday nights back in college. I could never finish my bottle but Matt G was a pro.

  • anon 2:12… you should focus on those caption contests PoP has with your one-liner skills… or at least stop making ignorant comments about real situations you probably know nothing about.

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