Yikes, Bus Crash on Columbia Road

photo, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending (from Thurs. morning):

“Another terrible crash on the Columbia Road Speedway (500-600 block), this one involving a busload of children on the way to school. What will it take for MPD and DDOT to do something about this pervasive speeding problem on this street?”

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  • Time the freaking lights appropriately so that motorists don’t feel they have to speed to make the next yellow light lest they be stuck at yet another red light after they’ve hit every red light at every block for the past ten minutes.

  • “What will it take for MPD and DDOT to do something?”


  • Anon 10:30: HERE HERE! i didn’t realize how focked the lights in DC are until i bought a car last year. criminy, i’m now one of those dbags racing from light to light.

  • Hold on one minute. How is MPD and DDOT responsible for the crash? I would be interested in knowing more about how this actually happened. Speed does not cause crashes; Drivers do.

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