What I Thought Was Going To Be a Sweet City Sign Post, But Is Actually Some Development News


A commenter mentioned that there are tons of sweet city signs on H Street, NE. And indeed there are. I thought this sign was particularly amusing because Ohio is not generally considered the south. But as I was checking out this spot I noticed that there was a permit in the window.


It seems this spot at 14th and H Streets, NE is slated to return to a functioning restaurant. Apparently it will be called Radius at the Ohio and will be a restaurant with a summer garden and sidewalk cafe. This spot is very close to the great Argonaut restaurant/bar so that section of H Street will be particularly sweet.

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  • Unfortunately this is on hold, apparently. Its from the same folks who own Radius/Tonic.

  • This has got to be Radius Pizza (much like Tonic’s “Tonic at Quigley Pharmacy”).

  • Generally or not, Ohio is never considered the South… ever! How strange! Damn Mid-westerners tryin’ to steal our borders!

  • Mebbe Ohio River reference in that it gets into Kentucky…

  • JohnnyReb: Have you ever been to southern Ohio? That might change your opinion. Cincinnati is very much a southern city.

  • Radius is moving in? Hope they don’t serve pizza — they still haven’t figured out how to make it. I can’t understand why Radius is so consistently bad but Tonic is actually pretty good.

  • Easy Alaaro – I would advise you to refrain from demeaning the Caucasians and those of European blood. I know the liberal folk would love the opportunity to be self righteous and crow about any distasteful minority vernacular so lets all ask Alaaro to stop being a bigot. Further I ask Prince to remove such offensive material.

  • Anonymous 8:25; I have been to Cincinnati, but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?! Ohio is a very large state, and Cincinnati is a tiny part of it. Ohio is not Southern, Cincinnati is not Southern – some of the residents may “seem” that way, but it doesn’t make them Southerners. The author Edmund White tried to make that arguement, but I’m not buying it.

    Alaaro – your comment is quite a non sequitur…

  • Trust me, there is plenty of southern culture and cuisine to be found in southern Ohio.

  • Yea im pretty sure this is going to be a third Tonic from what I’ve heard from friends who work on H st.. not radius.

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