“Tivoli North” Vs. Columbia Heights

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You all surely remember the debate we had on this issue. In February we learned that Tivoli North banners had been approved by the ANC.

Sorry for the late notice but I just received an email that the issue is again being revisited:

“I saw a flier today that alerted residents of the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions meeting tonight, wherein voting will take place about the new proposed name of “Tivoli Square.” If any of your readers are adamant about the historic and communal value of keeping our neighborhood unified under the same name, they should stop by to show their support:

Harriet Tubman Elementary School
7:00 PM”

Tivoli Square is new to me, has anyone else heard about this name?

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  • I’m sick of telling people that I live in the neighborhood-less zone north of CH, west of Petworth and southeast of 16th Street Heights. It seems kind of weird to steal the north end of Columbia Heights and invent a new neighborhood name. Tivoli Square is a little better than Tivoli North, though.

  • I think “CoHeNo” definitely sounds better than “TivNo.” The former sounds like a cigar, but the latter like a digital video recorder.

  • Folks. Who cares what your neighborhood is called. DC doesn’t officially have neighborhoods! We have wards, anc’s, police districts, etc. etc. But, contrary to what anyone pulls from wikipedia, Columbia Heights is just an abstract concept with no actual boundaries.

  • tivoli square. what effin square. what loserific douche is coming up with this shiiiiiit. At least holmeade village has some historical significance. and isnt named after a landmark that is IN columbia heights. I mean. why not call it DCUSA Square. its right across the street.

  • I agree with Richard, we should stop using all these silly made-up neighborhood names entirely. From now on I will tell people I live in SMD 1A01 so as to avoid any confusion. I’m glad we’ve cleared up this debate once and for all.

  • I am the chairman for ANC 1A and that flier is extremely misleading. There is no agenda item or movement that I know of to rename part of Columbia Heights to Tivoli North. I agree, that would be a slap in the face to the entire history of the area. I can tell you that at the February meeting Hector Gomez of the Tivoli North Business Association wanted approval to hang up banners along 14th street that said “Tivoli North”, but the commission rejected that idea and asked him to present new ideas that included the name “Columbia Heights” in big letters, and “Tivoli North” in smaller letters at the next (March) meeting.

    Hectors goal is to take advantage of the increased retail south of the Tivoli theatre and try to attract buyers north, a noble goal. He presented 3 ideas at the March meeting and the commission agreed to write a letter of support that stated our approval was contingent upon having a banner that listed in large letters “Columbia Heights” and small letters “Tivoli North”. We felt this identified a region – not a name change, and helped give some much needed attention to North Columbia Heights.

    The Shepherd Street Association and DCCH are on the agenda because I am told they want us to rethink the banners that say “Columbia Heights” in large letters and “Tivoli North” in small letters. Our meetings allow each presenter a default 3 minutes unless a commissioner moves to add more time, then a 1 minute question/answer period from the commission and audience until someone moves to close discussion.

  • I saw the proposed banner for the area that is North of the Tivoli – seems that the neighborhood of Columbia Heights would want to have one style of banner (unifying), not different banners for every little enclave.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Cliff. That seems to make more sense than the rumors.

  • I don’t have a problem with different banners to highlight enclaves (business districts). It’s no different than Mt. Pleasant Main Street, or The Golden Triangle, the Atlas District, or any number of existing terms that people have created in the past to identify business districts. I don’t think anyone’s ever been confused by these designations in the past. This seems perfectly reasonable and the banner looks pretty nice to me.

  • technically, I am south of the Tivoli (and east) so I don’t think this affects me

  • BE SMART READERS. Who would want to rebrand Columbia Heights? It is like saying, “Let’s rename Adams Morgan, or as a matter of fact…let’s rename Georgetown.” PLEASE THINK FOR YOURSELVES. It seems the motive is to unify a commercial corridor currently separated by a PSA, ANC, and now, clearly, a neighborhood boundary of SPRING ROAD. BE SMART READERS. Street banners do not shield you from danger. However, they are used as a tool to bring attention to an area for improvement from its residents, businesses, and respective government agencies. BE SMART READERS.

  • Can all those who attended to oppose the street banners unite to fight crime, too? If we could get DCCH’s support to spread the message like they did about the street banners, maybe we could have more people united to relieve crime?

    Quoted from PoP “Can We Prioritize Our Outrage?”-April 8th:

    “You see I was reading about the outrage of the proposed Tivoli North banners and I’m thinking we really need to rally as a community to fight against the unacceptable level of crime we’ve been seeing. This is not simply, we live in a city and crime exists, suck it up situation. And I’m not saying that other issues aren’t important. But if people can be rallied and outraged over a banner that would go up on one street, ostensibly, to help local businesses, I’d like to think people can get equally if not more outraged over the horrendous crimes we’ve been hearing about.”

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