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  • Mark Russell used to perform his political satire shows, broadcasting from there.

  • Gorgeous! As always, I’m partial to vintage graphic design.

  • The Monocle is for bluehair politicians and blue-hair lobbyists. Not in a good way either.

  • I’ve had more working lunches, dinners and drinks at the Monocle than I can count. (and, I don’t have blue hair) The food is serviceable – not fantastic, but definitely not bad, but the service is awesome. Definitely a Hill institution. With the Market Inn gone, there aren’t very many of those left, and that makes me sad.

  • It’s only open from Monday to Friday and almost serves as a private club for Senators (Teddy Kennedy was a frequent patron), staffers and lobyists.

  • You don’t go to The Monocle for the food. You go to watch lobbyists schmooze.

  • Never been there, but early 2007 when primary season was starting up, The Monocle was mentioned on NPR as Senator Obama’s favorite local restaurant.

  • I walk by this place often and it’s closed for a private party 95% of the time. Any suggestions for when I can get in?

  • I go to more fundraisers there than I can count… try not to eat the food when I am there though. Private parties are the lifeblood of this place. Good luck getting in without a $2,300 personal check or a $5,000 PAC check.

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