Sometimes I Forget How Sweet the Reservoir Can Look

DSCN7949, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It was truly amazing today. The water was a luminous blue/green. With Howard University in the background it was especially sweet. Now, if we could only go swimming in it…

Speaking of, does anyone know when the public pools open for the season?

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  • we were just commenting on how awesome the reservoir is today when we drove past it on our way to Domku for sunday dinner. it’s super cool. we also noticed that the pumping station on bryant had its’ awesome windows opened for the nice weather today – those windows are amazing. so cool that they open the windows when it’s nice out.

    speaking of which this weekend was world class. we had brunch at argonaut, dinner at domku, did some gardening, and rode our bikes on the anacostia trail in PG. what a weekend!

  • My aunt attended Howard U. in the 1940’s and talks about the students eating lunch sitting on the banks of the Macmillan Reservoir, then often known as Lake Macmillan by the locals.

    Inasmuch as our DC tap water comes from the Dalecarlia reservoir on MacArthur rather than from Macmillan, Why is the Federal Gov’t so resolved to keep DC’s hands off of this real estate. This deserves to be parkland with canoeing and kayaking.

    We can’t even drive into the complex on the rode (beside the reservoir on the south, adjacent to the Harriet Tubman quadrangle dormitories) anymore. Back in the 70’s this was a major make-out place for Howard students, and the best nighttime views of the DC skyline this side of 13th and Clifton.

  • Public pools generally open Memorial Day weekend. And close Labor Day weekend. Which is lame because it’s still hot then.

  • Jeff, not sure about the pictured part of the reservoir, but the massive fenced off area next door is a problematic place. Apparently there are huge underground cisterns made up bricks, and some sub-level cisterns, and gazillions of small passages between everything. So, building atop all that has been forbidden until the underground chambers are removed, and removing the billions of bricks and such is so expensive that no one wants to do it, and finally the area was hazardous enough that they closed it off entirely so people didn’t get lost down there. And lastly, is US Army Corps ‘o Engineers land, and they care about DC slightly less than they cared about New Orleans. We’re colonized, get over it.

    I remember there was a WashPost article on this a while back, or maybe City Paper, but can’t find it now…

  • Does anybody know when (what year) the fence was put up around theMacmillon Resevoir?

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