Play Inspired by PoP Post and Comments Was Really Good

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I have to admit when I heard about this play I didn’t really know what to expect. But the students from the Young Playwright’s Theater did a great job. If you commented on this post you would’ve especially liked it. I just wanted to give props to the students for writing a terrific, and more importantly, thoughtful play.

And I didn’t get made fun of too badly.

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  • Glad you liked it!

  • Sorry I missed it, I must say. Don’t suppose there was video taken or something like that? Also, I propose the Theater maybe does plays based on more of the posts here, especially the ones that deal with the really contentious issues of gentrification, race, etc. Depending on what the Theater wants to do of course, but I think this could be a great way to build bridges and understanding and all that good stuff. I am willing to donate to such an effort if anyone thinks it would be worthwhile.

    However, if PoP wasn’t made fun of too badly, I would request he gets more ribbing next time 😉

  • I was there last night, and it’s funny that Pennywise asks about a video, since a major theme of the night was that theater is a community art form that forces us to be in the same room together. The play itself was about commenters to the grafitti thread being suddenly transported into a room with each other – their anonymity stripped away by an omniscient ‘playwright’ character. I don’t think that PoP could post a transcript or video of the play and get anywhere near the same response as the play did last night.

    It was very enjoyable, and it was nice of PoP to introduce himself to the audience during the talkback session afterwards – it was a funny, strange echo of the play, to see this online persona suddenly become a real person before your eyes.

  • Crazy awesome. Er, dope sky. Or dope fly? Anyways, I still think it would be awesome to see kids acting out dialogue from the “wide ranging” talks we have here. I’d like it to be webcast though since I live in a computer 🙂

  • Hey Prince,

    Shared your post with the students today at the Workshop. They were really pleased. Thanks!

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