Kids Crack Me Up

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Right next to Happy Easter was written the following:



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  • Poor Robert.

  • I can confirm that this is actually true. Robert IS a poopy butt.

  • haha…. oh kids. i was so worried that i would click the jump link and see something like ‘asshole’ or worse 🙁

    poopy butt is just fun and fancy free in comparison! i think ill start using that on my roommates, written in pastels all around the house.

  • I always use “fluffy headed ninny muggins” a la Will Ferrel and Elf. Never fails.

  • I had been under the impression that Robert was a poopy head, but once again PoP prevails with the truth, that Robert is indeed a poopy butt.

  • I saw this yesterday and though, how cute, chalk on the side walk. When I saw what it said I laughed out loud. Robert has been found out!

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