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  • hells yeah! The food here is just as good as at Bistrot du Coin, but it’s a little quieter. I always see French people when I’m here and their onion soup is delicious!

  • My friends and I used to love Petits Plats for brunch until they stopped the bottomless champagne service and when the prices went up. Not worth it now.

  • It’s kind of ho-hum in comparison to the other French places in town.

  • Had a private party here – the owner was very attentive and accomodating. The food was good. I will return for another meal.

  • saf

    Before it became Petits Plats, this was Petito’s. It was a wonderful place. They also had a dessert bar called Dolce Finale in the wine cellar.

    Oh, I loved the food, the space, the staff. We had our wedding rehearsal dinner there. I miss it.

    There was a related place, Cafe Petito, next to Food for Thought at Dupont Circle. Best happy hour in the city.

    Haven’t been to Petits Plats yet, although I hear good things about it from people that I trust about food, so I’ll have to get there some day.

  • I remember Dolce Finale in the basement, too. What a nice little dessert cafe – I miss it.

  • The Pizze place has pretty good pizza for a decent price – definitely the best deal for pizza in Woodley Park.

  • I’ve been there three times and hope to go back again. Always excellent. Several small, intimate dining rooms most with real wood fireplaces during the cold season. There’s a second story too. You can really enjoy the food and atmosphere here.

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