Judging Pop Ups


We looked at the cool angled one to the right back in February (located on 15th Street across from Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park). But now the one featured here is really starting to take shape. I guess the real question is what will the surface be – brick (like below) or vinyl? If it’s red brick it should look pretty good especially since it’s on a slope. And I still think the angled one on the right is going to be pretty sweet as well. Do you think this one featured in the photo above is going to look good?

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  • I can’t say but at least it won’t stick out as much since the house directly next to it is getting one and a building a bit further along is taller.

    Part of the problem with pop-ups is not just design and execution but the fact that since it is likely that no one else on the block has one, it sticks up like a cowlick.

  • Looks like they’re building a roof access point as well.

  • So far, I give it a tentative thumbs up. They’ve repeated the width and spacing of the windows. From the tapering of the addition they could be going for a mansard roof effect, which could be very nice if they really take the effort to get into the details.

    I’m not so crazy about the steep pitched projection of the roof access. Maybe when they are finished it will be less obtrusive.

  • My guess is it will be covered in slate- looks like a mansard style roof to me.

  • This might be the first popup I’ve seen that has the potential to look like its part of the original building. If they just put some slate tile on the thing, it’ll look like one of the many mansard roofs around Logan Circle.

  • I agree with Dave; looks like it will have a mansard roof.

  • It will be a mansard roof, but unfortunately will be covered in low-cost metal siding, very disappointing. And the roof access structure is very unfortunate–a real lost design opportunity.

  • The roof access structure is very unattractive – too angled and it really sticks up too much. Clashes with the overall structure and the one next to it.

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