I Just Loved This Tree

DSCN8057, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It had the most extraordinary flowers with an insanely vibrant color. I actually saw a bunch of these trees all over town, anyone what kind they are?

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  • It’s a Cercis canadensis (redbud) – a great understory/streetscape tree. I have one in my backyard and it is stunning this time of the year.

  • redbud (yes i know i am second) – my next door neighbor is getting one next saturday at the anacostia community tree planting.

  • They grow thick and wild in parts of VA – I used to ride horses on the WO&D Trail in Loudoun County and they made for the most beautiful sight – about every third tree in the woods looked to be a redbud in bloom. I planted one in my front yard on Irving.

  • A great place to see these trees is in the median of Vermont Ave near U St.

  • We planted one in our backyard last year. Casey Trees offers a $50 rebate for planting native trees like these:


  • yep, redbud. They grow as far north as Pennsylvania, but not in upstate NY…

  • I was noticing today there are a ton at the Ft Totten metro stop. This is my favorite tree (sorry cherry trees!).

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