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This is “The Temple Garden” located behind the Scottish Rite House of the Temple on 15th near S.


I suppose I could go to the Web site listed in the photo above but does anyone know how you get a plot there?


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  • I’ve had a plot there for six years now and the waiting list to get in is as long as as there are plots in the garden (around 70). They had closed the list for a while last year, but I’m not sure whether they have re-opened it or not. It’s a great garden and great community (parties in the garden, etc.).

  • The wait is shorter if you know the right people and live in the neighborhood.

  • I know someone that was on a waiting list for 2 years before they could get a space. It’s nice, but there are codes to follow and you will get letters if you don’t keep your space free of weeds and other things. So be sure you are into gardening and will take care of it or you’ll be asked to leave.

  • Interesting to know anyone can apply for a plot – I assumed you had to be a Mason! Silly me.

  • According to the Web site, they aren’t accepting new applications, unfortunately.

    City garden plots seem to be in huge demand here. If you owned a vacant lot, not necessarily in a desirable neighborhood but at least easily accessible by car, you could probably make good money leasing small parcels for gardening.

  • On the community garden theme, but a little closer to Brightwood territory – does anyone know what the plans are for what looks like a garden plot on at 9th & Peabody behind the 4D police station/tower? I saw a large farming tractor plowing up the earth yesterday.

  • the garden behind the police station has been there for years…not sure that there are any new plans with it. i think it’s a lot easier to get a garden plot if you’re willing to have one a little further out, like brightwood. i have one up there and i didn’t wait at all.

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