Dear PoP – What Happened To The Spice of Life Restaurant in Rosslyn?

Spice of Life, Lee High Road, London SE13, originally uploaded by Kake Pugh.

“Dear PoP,

My coworker and I live up in your neck of the woods (MtP for me, CH for him) and love the variety of delicious food options in that area. We work, unfortunately, in Rosslyn, the black hole of dining in DC. There was only one restaurant in the hood that was even remotely worth while to eat at: Spice of Life. They have a delicious chicken veggie hummous pita sandwich that I think is darn tasty (also some really good soups). One day the door was closed and the lights were off. No sign. No explanation. Nothing. It’s been months and we’re waiting for something: the owners got back from vacation, there was a health code violation, it was sold. Something. I know this isn’t exactly your jurisdiction, but do you have any news? Any other PoP readers?”

I’ve heard there are some good places in Rosslyn. Sadly, I never went to this one. Anyone work out in Rossyln know what happened to this joint (located at 1401 Wilson Blvd)?

Ed. Note: Photo above is from London but I couldn’t find a photo of the one in Rosslyn…

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  • perhaps it’s a black hole b/c it’s not in dc.

  • no good places to eat in Rosslyn?!!! Ray’s Hellburger, Pho 75!!!

  • That place is right down the street from my office…perhaps it went out of business it was never really too busy. There are several mediocre lunch places around maybe it just couldn’t compete. Diomedes I agree … Ray’s Hellburger is the way to go!

  • Wow – you all are talking about Rosslyn – how fun. I work in Rosslyn too and the above mentioned Rays and Pho 75 are really really good. I also like Santa Fe Cafe – not fantastic, but decent enough when I need a fix for cuisine from New Mexico! But other than that – no place to eat.

    I ahve no idea what happed to Spice of Life.

  • This review at from January said that it was going out of business. Sorry, folks.

  • Aw, that’s sad–I used to work in Rosslyn and Spice’s hummus was absolutely delicious. Santa Fe Cafe is a great place–I love the food, and even better than that is the owner, Kip. He is the nicest man–one of the people/places I miss most now that I don’t work in that area anymore. The other is Greenberry’s Coffee–great coffee shop that began in Charlottesville. I highly recommend it.

  • Did Rosslyn ever look anything like this? Did they bulldoze a cool old neighborhood to build that depressing, lifeless concrete thoroughfare, or was it farmland or something?

  • gonna have to concur with diomedes and kay. pho75 and rays hell are just 2 examples; there’s also cafe asia which is pretty damn eclectic, guajillo and rays the steaks which are both in the same stripmall as rays hell, petite cafe which is in the post office building, piola which is next to cafe asia…come on people, there are plenny quality options in rosslyn. quit hatin!

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