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  • i gotta admit, even with that title, i don’t see what makes this funny. anyone want to explain?

    (and where in DC is this?)

  • Interesting, since bicyclists may legally use the sidewalk anywhere in DC except a small part of downtown.

    I guess it’s a nice way of saying, for the love of god PLEASE use the sidewalk

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Well, IMGoph, it’s not spit your coke out funny but this photo makes the road look as flat as a Kansas country road.

  • PoP: granted, but photos often do a poor job of showing something as subtle as that.

  • Thing is, if you look closer, it’s as flat as a Kansas road, but inclined. For quite a while. It may not be 45 degrees steep, but it’s a really, really long hill.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Obviously I’m not a golfer…

  • I think this is 13th St NW.

  • @PoP

    Lol! Nice reference.

  • i got vertigo from this picture.

  • I think it may be Monroe St NE, but I’m not sure. If it is though, that hill does kinda suck, but it’s not THAT bad.

  • The sign is on 13th Street

  • The sign is on 13th Street NW

  • The sign is northbound 13th St NW after crossing Emerson.

  • I live a block up the “steep hill” from this sign, and I’ve always thought it’s kind of funny. I grew up in Westmoreland Hills off of Mass. Ave., and the hills there are so steep the snow plows frequently get stuck and skip the rest of the street.

    That said, after the inauguration, my girlfriend saw a nearly endless stream of exhausted cyclists walking their bikes up the sidewalk. That hill goes all the way to Longfellow or so–about 7 blocks. It’s because Arkansas Ave. (which makes a triangle at 13th and Emerson) follows the valley of the old Piney Branch.

  • I thought this sign quite funny as that hill ain;t nutting. Long, yes, but not steep by any means. Meridian Hill is harder if biking. Hell, from Florida to Clifton Terrace is worse than this – which is 13th Street by the way.

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