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Thanks to a reader for sending this DC Mud article with an update on the Social Safeway (1855 Wisconsin Ave, NW) as well as a small update on what they call the “Not So Safeway” in Adams Morgan (which the reader calls the Salvadorian Safeway):

In the meantime, renovation procedures take a much more low-key tact at the “Not So Safeway” at 1747 Columbia Road, NW. That store will remain open when it goes under the knife (as early as early next month) and, although the store will forgo demolition, the end result will be much the same as in Georgetown.

“Under the current situation, [we couldn’t close the store]. We would have liked to, but if we’re not able to that, we’ll do the in-place remodel. It will be a complete interior renovation and decorum upgrade,” said Muckle. “It will look like…our other upgraded Safeways, of which there are now nine or ten in the area.”

We once discussed Safeway nicknames here. While we’re on the topic, anyone know of the renovation plans for the Georgia Ave. Safeway?

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  • I thought the “Not So Safeway” was in SE? I’ve always called the Columbia Rd store, the “Salsa Safeway”

  • Its all fun and games until an employee gets shot in the head in front of the store, then everyone starts calling you the “Not So Safeway.”

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice it costs about half as much to grocery shop here as it does at the giant on Park Rd? I hope the renovations don’t lead to higher prices.

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else notice it costs about half as much to grocery shop at the Safeway on columbia as it does at the giant on Park Rd? I hope the renovations don’t lead to higher prices.

  • Calling it the Salvadorian Safeway is just wrong!

  • Limit your purchases to what’s on sale in the circular and you’ll save boatloads.

  • Most Safeways are gross and the staff are horribly rude, especially the SMELLY/SKETCHY Safeway at the Georgia Av/Petworth Metro. Bulldoze it!! And boycott all Safeways!

  • No. No. No. It’s *Sandanista Safeway*. Sheesh!

  • the safeway in southeast is pretty awesome. and we go by “the unsafeway”

  • I’ve said this before and will say it again: I’ve always had very friendly staff helping me at the Georgia Ave Safeway.

  • So what is the Safeway at the RI Ave Metro called? The Stinky Safeway??? It smells like homeless poop on the outside.

  • 1) I was going to say that it should be Salvadoran not Salvadorian. But the dictionary indicates that both are correct.
    2) For what it’s worth, I lived a block from that Safeway for 5 years and patronized it regularly. I never felt unsafe there. While there is street crime in that area (where isn’t there?) the employee who was shot in the head was shot by a jilted ex-girlfriend who was waiting outside the store for her and shot her as she left work.

  • The Unsafeway in SE on the Hill is great-ish. When I first moved here, it was awful, but they did a pretty good renovation, and I am now a big fan, more often than not choosing it over the new Harris Teeter a couple of blocks away.

    It’s not perfect, and I’ve heard people say that they’ve experienced rude service there (I’ve had no such complaints) but generally, it’s no longer unsafe and mostly pretty great.

  • ever since i stopped there to get sunglasses and a dvd with a particularly pretty young thing on my way back from a wild evening at adams morgan i have called it the “i’m going to have sex in about sixteen minutes” safeway.

  • Safeway is a bad corporate neighbor. Period.

  • Always liked the secret safeway off Wisconsin Ave near Fessenden.

    Lately I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at the independent or local chain latin markets. Bestway, Pan-Am, etc. Much better produce and meats, and usually cheaper. Stores are more cramped and disorganized, but I value quality and price more than that stuff.

  • FYI “Jimmy D” the employee who was shot in the neck outside of the Adams Morgan Safeway was shot by her former lover, it was not a random act of violence.

    While it was still scary for those who witnessed and lived around it, it could have happened anywhere…if you want to call it the Un-Safe Safeway, call it that because of all the fruit flies always flying around the fresh veg department.

  • The Georgia Ave. Safeway staff have always been super friendly every time I go. It’s got a lack of selection, but I chalk that up to the size of the store more than anything.

    In contrast, I find shopping at the Giant on Park Road to usually be more trouble than it’s worth. The check out staff move VERY slowly and almost never make direct eye contact or even say hello, in my experiences there. Plus the traffic in that area is bad.

    Getting in and out of the GA Ave. Safeway for a few items now and then is much less of a hassle.

  • Who’s being quoted in the quote section? What’s up with them saying they’re doing a “decorum upgrade?” I assume they meant decor. If it’s actually decorum you think that’s some kind of etiquette training for the staff?

  • Also, the North Country Safeway near Georgia and Piney Branch rocks.

  • Safeway SUCKS!

  • The original Soviet Safeway was at 21st and K St NW, the one on 17th St near Dupont Circle is the Gayway.

  • I prefer the Safeway at Georgia & Piney as well, Redhead. (that name should be preceeded by Blonde, just to be awesomer.) The flower and produced sections are staffed by extremely friendly people who know what they’re talking about and take the time to make their customers happy. I *drive* there to shop, that’s how much I like the people.

  • Park road Giant blows! Safeway does not blow. (no pun intended)

  • Has the Stinky Safeway gotten less stinky in the past few months, or is just me? It used to smell like someone died wearing a dirty diaper in there…but now not so much. Anyway, the automatic 10% discount thing that’s been going on for the past few weeks is awesome. I hope that’s a permanent thing, but I kind of doubt it…

  • Sandanista Safeway? Seems a bit narrow to name a store after a Nicaraguan political party. Via Salsa Safeway! Salsa for all!

  • Wait – when did someone get shot in the head? It appears that I missed a neighborhood crime report. I agree with many of the previous comments, the staff at the Georgia Ave Safeway are super nice! And if you’re a card holder, they always look at your receipt so that they can say “Thank you Ms. …”. I also agree that the Giant in Columbia Heights sucks! I’ve never seen people move so slowly. Sometimes you can wait 20 minutes just to check out. Its impossible to “quickly run to the store” if you have to shop there!

  • Maybe I need coffee….I’m still pondering how that could have been a pun…..?

  • There is a new girl at the Geo Ave Safeway and she is absolutely horrible, always screws something up and no customer service skills at all.

  • true, the giant on park rd has lines that take 4-eva and the customer service at the check-out lines is typical dc. however, the customer service in the produce, meat, and dairy sections has always been very helpful and friendly and i shop there weekly.

    now the safeway on GA ave…that’s another story. i don’t care how nice you are, (and i wouldn’t say that calling me ms. -insert last name- constitutes good customer service in and of itself) but a super market that smells like shit is never going to get my business no matter how nice you are. it’s like going for sushi and having the restaurant smell like rotten fish. who in their right mind would do either?

  • When I moved here in 1996, this one was called the Sandinista Safeway. The two safeways on the hill (the one in SE and the one in NE on Bladensburg) were the not-so & unsafe ways.

  • team Sandinista Safeway

  • Definitely called the Sandinista Safeway back in the 80s (when a lot of y’all were born) mostly for the alliterative value. All the Central Americans then were mostly Salvadoran so Sandinista Safeway just had a ring to it.

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