A Look Inside The Allegro Apartments


Last week we looked at the outside of the newly completed Allegro apartments. I took a tour of the inside on Friday. I have to say, it was pretty amazing. Of course, you pay for amazing. From the outside of 3460 14th Street you can’t tell just how huge the place is. There are two courtyards (at the time still getting their final touches but both will have wifi) and 297 units. Units range from studios ($1525-$1775), one bed, one bath ($1775-$2175), one bed, den, one bath (($1900-$2650), Two bed, two bath ($2450-$2725) plus a series of penthouses (ranging from $2450-$3750). At the moment 2 months free rent and one time $500 common charge are being waved if you move in by May, 31st. There also will be a fitness room, yoga room, billiard room, media room and cyber cafe. There is no pet weight restriction though certain breeds like pitbulls are not permitted. If you’d like to check it out yourself they’ll be having a party Wed. night from 6-9pm.

Lots more photos after the jump.


Lots of balconies:








Amazing views:



And my friend Jaime from FarmFreshMeat also took a look and emailed me to gloat that he got there first! And he did get some good photos…

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  • its too bad this went rental. I have to say its one of the nicer places ive seen come along. that courtyard is sweet. although they should have put a pool there. And while I would consider taking on a big mortgage payment to own something like this and invest in the area. I would not in a million zillion years pay 1700 bucks a months for a studio there.

  • A billiard room? But no walk-in humidor? Since when did SoCoHe/NoU go ghetto?

  • Hey I got to get my digs on those rare occasions that I can 🙂 Anyway… it seems we both agree it’s pretty sweet. I’m hoping to hit the party tomorrow (hey it’s two blocks away, free booze and food) maybe see you there.

  • Seems like a somewhat odd range of rents. 1525 for a studio seems way too high but 2450 for a 2br2ba isn’t too bad (esp consdering w/ 2 months free it’s actually 2041, but of course you probably couldn’t get that deal next year unless the economy gets really bad, which could happen). Basically I can see the market for the latter — it’s affordable for 2 roommates who make $50-60k each — but my thinking is similar to Anon 11:06 in that I have no idea who would pay 1500-1700 for a studio, unless it was in Dupont or somewhere.

  • Wait, Jaime, the booze is *free*? Damn, I might have to go to that. I just hope I don’t get drunk and accidentally sign a lease.

  • For that kind of money you could buy a nice rowhouse, very little money down. Seems overpriced to me.

  • I’m not sure I would be willing to pay that kind of cash to possibly subject myself to the bad balcony habits and poor music choices of my neighbors sharing the courtyard view. It looks lovely but I think the reality has the chance of being something quite different. Especially of the dogs decide to commune with one another too.

  • I’m kind of surprised by the breed restrictions for dogs. They’re just asking for cries of racism on that. Oh well, I guess that’s for their lawyers to worry about.

  • I think they are going to have to drop their prices. They may get a few bites with the 2 mos free rent, especially from people new to the area. But anyone who’s been here a while will be able to find something in Dupont Circle for the same or better prices.

    Balconies are great, but this overlooks a noisy street and a fire department that gets a lot of calls. I cannot imagine living there.

  • ontariorroader: there are many jurisdictions that ban certain breeds and I’ve never heard of one overturned in the courts. The only people I’ve known who were affected by the bans were white upper middle class. Breeds and races are not synonymous.

  • Man you can rent a whole rowhouse in CH for those prices. No mention of the underground parking.

  • I think the move-in special will motivate a lot of renters, who will do the math based on paying for 10/12 months, then stay longer than they planned and lose the value of the deal. This place is coming on line at the right time of the year — maybe a little early, but in time for all the new college grads moving to town, the grad student population coming in August, etc.. And next year, a whole new crop of kids will be looking for their next apartment. I agree that, were I prepared to spend 2400-3700/mo, I’d just go ahead and buy, but (a) I’m pretty well settled in DC with my and my wife’s work and (b) I probably could find the 20% down payment you’d need to buy a place in this economy. So as astounding as some of these rents may seem to me, there still are going to be people to fill the apartments.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Prices seem pretty average. We cannot even say they’re exorbitant for new rental constructions any more these days.

    I had my hesitations about the project when it first went up and must admit it’s GORGEOUS! I would so love to live there, too bad i got a full-on rowhouse with a mortgage on my back I have to carry. The move-in incentives sound pretty sweet too.

    Big plus to The Allegro is having Thaitanic II as part of its street level retail and the new lounge/small plates spot Social is close to opening up next door as well. Gotta give the developers credit for making the development more pedestrian focused and in-line with a ‘In Town’ urban context. Remember how the old Giant was tucked behind huge asphalt parking lot/desert in front of it??? Glad that’s gone for SURE.

  • Short walk to the Metro, true shopping options, nightlife – so take the car payment, insurance and gas prices of those rents in comparison what those of us who live a bit farther afield pay..

  • Well considering I’m paying just a bit less than that for a studio downtown, it doesn’t seem too bad. I still don’t understand how people afford the high rent in DC, since most people are government and the gov pays a lot less than private industry.

  • Mal – it’s not always true that gov pays less than private sector.

    But related to this thread, I think that the rents are on par with other areas in the city. Also, it’s brand new construction so they can definetly justify it in the first few years at least.

  • But, uh, you all watched the construction process, right? You think those wooden walls and floors aren’t going to leave renters with a much lower quality of life than all those who rent in concrete buildings?

    Every time someone above you walks heavily across the room, every time your next-door neighbor slams a kitchen cabinet, you’ll know.

    Also, that price (for a studio or a one-bedroom) is considerably higher than most buildings in established (not “up-and-coming”) neighborhoods west of the park (Woodley and Cleveland Parks, Cathedral Heights, Glover Park). And those folks never see someone murdered on their block (as has happened in recent months on that block of 14th). Even the other new-builds in Columbia Heights have better location and better construction, for a similar price.

    The Allegro folks might be overly ambitious.

  • These prices are crazy…my mortgage (plus condo fees) on a two bed, two bath condo just around the corner from this building is in the same range as the two bed, two bath apts. I could rent here.

  • It looks really nice, but when you pack so many people into a small space, there’s always problems. The last condo I lived in had a similar courtyard. Luckily I lived on the street side, but I had friends who lived on the courtyard side and hated it. You could hear everything and see into everyone’s unit. My friend was told when he could and couldn’t vacuum because the noise carried so much. No one used their balcony.

  • @New Hampy: I guess it’s just *my* govt job that pays less than private!

    Anyway – love the building! You can never tell how an apartment is going to really feel until you are actually living in it. I would never have known that the garbage guys come at 7:15 am every M,W,F and BANG the garbage cans up the marble stairs from the basement, but alas, they do. You could have real quiet neighbors, or really loud neighbors… etc, etc.

  • For those saying single family home mortgage vs. rent in an apartment – it’s apples and oranges. The price of buying a brand-new high-end condo + condo fee is almost always higher than a typical 3br home in DC. And rent vs. mortgage is almost always neither here nor there anyway. In some markets/times renting is cheaper, in others buying is cheaper. Not everyone wants to be or can afford to be a homeowner, there’s much more to it than just the monthly payment.

    The reality is some people prefer condo living because of the convenience, amenities and lack of maintenance. It makes no sense to just look at the bottom line.

  • I would gladly take my chances with the noise level of my Allegro neighbors over the omnipresent, inconsiderate riff-raff of this city. How much U wanna bet no one get clocked by a stone in that courtyard.

  • ***everyone else ignore please 🙂 ***

    Quincy Street Neighbor: N810 eh?! COOL! I have the original 770, waiting for the next announcement eagerly. Plus I also live on Quincy.

    ***everyone else ignore please 🙂 ***

  • I didn’t really like the renderings, but this is one case where the finished product looks much better. This looks really great… i want this stuff for my neighborhood, dangit.

  • saf

    DG – are you sure? Think long and hard. Listen to what’s lost as well as what’s gained.

  • Saf, I hope you don’t specifically mean the old Giant being lost? 🙂 And no, the dream of a magical conversion of a private lot to a wonderful public park or a recreation center still doesn’t fly….

  • I think it would be great if the Safeway on Georgia were torn down and a building like this put in its place, with ground-floor retail.

  • Ha. Good one, @ 219. I remember when people were up in arms about this place, demanding that they incorporate a rec center into the plans! That was a funny community meeting to attend, my first in CH.

  • Ha. Good one, @ 219. I remember when people were up in arms about this place, demanding that they incorporate a rec center into the plans! That was a funny community meeting to attend, my first in CH.

  • I like the finished product much better than the renderings for Allegro. I’ve had a chance to walk in and look around the building and courtyard, and I was impressed. Living nearby, I’m really looking forward to Thaitanic II opening up there as well as the dry cleaners.

  • wonder how many of these comments are planted by the developer…

  • Ooohhh.. the conspiracies are all around.. 😉

  • Wow, a studio in this building is equal to my mortgage payment of a big house in Ledroit. That being said, it does look very nice – better than I’ve seen in recent months with new condos and apartments. The location is.. eh. Good, but not quite great (yet).

    true dat, eric.

  • saf

    Anon 219 – nah, I was speaking more generally.

  • After opening in late April, many if not ALL the amenities have yet to be COMPLETED (The courtyard is consistently tore-up.) and availed to occupants unencumbered!

  • They also restrict parking and blame it on DDOT…sure, DDOT may not be the easiest to work with, but many options exist and should be explored…wouldn’t the correct business move be to reimburse occupants who pay for parking for the days that the parking garage is not available for WHATEVER THE REASON?

  • The courtyard is as big as mess as EVER! When will the finger-pointing between Metro Properties and Kettler end and the property finally be finished? When the public courtyard (Columbia Height Plaza) progresses faster than a private courtyard (with the Allegro), HOUSTON, I THINK WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

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