New Eritrean Restaurant Opens on 9th Street by 9:30 Club


This section of 9th Street seems to have a bunch of new places going in. I should ask – does anyone know the difference between Ethiopean and Eritrean food? I’m guessing Eritrean has more seafood dishes? A few store fronts up from 2010 9th Street there is another spot that will be a restaurant according to the DCRA permit. I say the more options to hit before a concert at the 9:30 club the better!


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  • More Italian Influences

  • I think Ethiopian food and Eritrean food are essentially the same!

  • I teach ESL and have two adorable students from Ethiopia. I’d love to ask them that question: what is the difference, if any, between Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine, if any. But they barely speak any English, just having arrived in the US. But whenever I mention injera, their national dish, they giggle over my pronunciation. I really should try the food.

  • I have eaten at many many Ethiopian restaurants.

    The first time I was in an Eritrean restaurant, the manager came by to chat. I asked him what the difference between the two cuisines was.

    He laughed, and said “politics”

  • I can imagine there are regional differences in the food – the north of Ethiopia shares more of the culture/language of Eritrea than the south. But I can’t tell the difference.

  • Eritreans (broad generalization) are more proud of the Italian influences on their culture. So you see a lot of spaghettis on their menus and sometimes even Italian desserts. They also do a mean cappuccino.

    Ethiopia is proud to have never been colonized (although the Italians did hang out there for a while) and therefore not all Ethiopian restaurants will serve pasta–but some do.

    But yes, it’s mostly politics.

  • Anon 10:14, Haha! That’s too funny. I figured that was the difference!

  • 10:14, I really smiled at that one too.

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